Sunday, 5 March 2017

Music Diaries: Rayne new single review/release

Happiness knows no bounds today for me as I step into the third month of Music Diaries with no gap in between and standing here; having the whole month planned is a big deal for me. Would you like it if I end up having 2 posts per weekend instead of 1? If you love me the way you do right now, this might just end up coming true. 

With many more interviews and album releases planned down the line, I would today be reviewing BRIT ROCK TRIO RAYNE’s  new single 'SUBJECT A'.

Sunderland (UK) based indie/electro/alt rock outfit 'RAYNE' drop news that their latest single 'Subject A' is available to stream for free.

Taken from their highly anticipated 'Complex By Design' album, the track showcases the trio's distinctive love for epic song arrangements, anthemic hook-lines, synth grooves and guitar driven rock creations. With well over one year hidden away in the recording studio, Rayne members - Ben Potts (Vox/Bass), Adam Dagg (Guitar/Synths) and Steve Naisbet (Drums) are committed to unearthing their very best material to date. With 2017 arriving soon, RAYNE shall be announcing full album release details and UK live dates in coming weeks.

The first thing that caught my eye when it came to this specific single is its music. The second thing was of course, the music. Given the point that I am completely new to the scene I actually made a few of my friends listen to the track for an unbiased review and trust me when I say that majorly all of them had great words to say for the track.

I would personally like to say that I have become a fan of Ben after listening to this track (and sneaking in to listen to all their tracks as of now). If the album description says that their songs have this usual “Anthemic hook lines” then I would actually sit and second them on this point. The song actually gets into your mind.

Having said all of that, do I really have the qualification of saying anything bad about this single? All that I qualify to say is, tune in to SoundCloud and listen to Subject A by Rayne and do not forget to let me know how you found it. I will be waiting for your take on the single and of course, looking forward to, like ever before, the whole album release details.

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