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Music Diaries: Deep Phoenix

Tomorrow is Holi and if I had to define the festival of colors in music, there has to be only one name that would come in my mind. The one person whose videos are filled with colors and whose tunes make you dance. Can you guess?

Yes! I'm talking about none other than- Deep Phoenix. A wonderful guitarist and a very famous name in today's music circuit, it has been a pleasure talking to Deep and knowing about his “lazy” journey in music. So, here's presenting you. Deep Phoenix, unplugged.

I'll start with the very basics. Can you tell me what was the first ever tune that you learnt to play or what attracted you the most?

Deep Phoenix-- I honestly don't remember what the first thing I learnt to play was. There was nothing in particular that attracted me. Music wasn't like an all powerful divine calling that I had. I was a lazy kid who didn't go out and play much. I had a toy keyboard lying around at home. It was honestly, a result of boredom.

That's interesting. A result of boredom to passion, now. How would you define the instrument that you play? Given the fact that you started with a toy keyboard and now are a guitarist, how did you make this transition and what attracted you to the guitar?

Deep Phoenix-- So I went from toy keyboard to the big boy keyboard. Learnt piano. Used to play in school. One of my friends used to play guitar. I was really keen on learning another instrument just for the heck of it. Again, no divine calling or nothing attracted me to it. It was the most accessible instrument at the time. And I could play it lying down in bed so it was really good for lazy people. Hence, guitar.

Laziness surely gave you a major part of your life. If you were asked to explain to a person from a non musical background about the guitar, how would you do that? How does the guitar contribute to a song?

Deep Phoenix-- It's not as good an instrument as say a piano but then again it could be based on how you play it.  You don't get the immense range of a piano on the guitar and if the music you play fits into it that's fine. But then again, I imagine it'll be harder to execute percussion or any kind of immense groove on solo piano. (Tigran Hamasyan can do it, I cannot). So yeah, it's got it's pros and cons just like any other instrument. And about contribution to a song, it doesn't matter what instrument it is. It's got more to do with the way you play it I guess.

Freestyle, is it called? Percussive guitar, I would rather. What made you think that you would try something like that? Slowly there are people who are trying new things on the guitar. Was it curiosity or something else?

Deep Phoenix-- So I had seen this guy called Newton Faulkner play a song called Teardrop and I liked the way he was hitting the guitar in time and so I showed my teacher. And he turned me onto another man called Andy McKee and I wanted to learn his music and that's how it happened.

From Deep to Deep Phoenix. How was the transition? And how did it happen?

Deep Phoenix-- It's a comedy of errors really because when I signed up for my first ever gig I sent in the demo and forgot to include a name and they assumed I was a band named deep phoenix because of all the different things happening. So then the guy got on stage and announced. Next up we have the band, Deep Phoenix. And I walked on and was like, "Hi! I'm the band." way too late to change now.

How's it performing live? Performing live v/s playing for a video. What would you prefer and why?

Deep Phoenix-- There are ups and downs. Videos are completely different. My videos have little to do with playing. They aren't like traditional fingerstyle videos with just a play through so.  So they aren't the same thing at all.

I've seen your videos. Very innovative, indeed. There are many things that goes on in a musicians mind when they work and they want people to ask them certain questions which probably people fail to. So, what is the one question that you want to be asked but haven't been asked yet?

Deep Phoenix- What do you like to do apart from music.

So, What do you like to do apart from music?

Deep Phoenix-- 1. Eat.
2. Watch cartoons.
3. Make bad jokes.

Woah . That's interesting!! Talking about an audience, since you are also an audience. What kind of music do you prefer listening to or rather, what kind of music attracts you the most?

Deep Phoenix-- I don't think there's any particular style of music that appeals to me more than others. If the music is good, it's good. Doesn't matter what it is.
That being said, I do have a natural draw towards good metal bands.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Deep Phoenix-- I really don't plan that far ahead. I've gone down the road of a working professional. I dunno if I'll have switch to something else tomorrow, next week, next month or 5 years later. I just know that there are a few things I want to do, musically and otherwise.

For the final question, What would be your words for the musicians of tomorrow?

Deep Phoenix-- I dunno if I'm qualified for this yet because, I mean, I don't think I've made it there yet but I can only tell them what my teachers and friends have told me.  One for the heart, one for the head. You have to be able to adapt. Hang in there no matter what with the hope that things will get better.
Isn't this wonderful? Knowing about music and talking about the musician's journey? A musical instrument makes so much more sense now. I can, at least, differentiate between instruments now.

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