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When a blog is read, and 'if' liked, the main thing the reader wants to know is the writer of it! Vanya's Notebook is not only Vanya's but it is for the mass, of the mass.

Vanya's Notebook provides free of cost reviews, interviews and also gives a space for talents to showcase themselves.

With Talent, here, we mean everything that we can post... Thoughts, Short Stories, Poems, write-ups, articles and we will be happy to have paintings or photographs by you too!

We also offer Editing services and evaluation of Manuscript at a very nominal rate!

We also offer content development services at a very reasonable rate!

We also offer promotional services at a pocket friendly rate!

Apart from the contact form given, you can get in touch with us by mailing to us at

A very new endeavour started by Vanya's Notebook gives space for music and musicians to showcase themselves and tell the world about themselves. We are featuring interviews and articles of and by musicians and understanding music better. If you are a musician and would want to feature on Vanya's Notebook please get in touch with us.

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Hoping for a positive response from all our readers and wishing loads of luck to you all...

P.S.: Repeated requests of the exact time of updating the review is not acceptable... We just want you to trust on us and know that when a book is received, it will be reviewed... We will never run away with that... You can have my word...

Looking forward to interacting with you all...

Love and Wishes,
Sharanya aka Vanya
Vanya's Notebook

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