Friday, 21 August 2015

On the top of the world

After ruling the market with their high speed 3G network, now Airtel is launching 4G in India. Isn’t this great? I am jumping like anything after hearing the news that finally I am going to use 4G. And the best thing about it is they are challenging that is going to be the fastest and if any network can beat their speed they will pay their telephone bills for lifetime. But I know no one can beat them, because they are Airtel.

Asking me to write about what I will do if I get an Airtel 4G is like asking a two week starving boy what he would like to eat. I will do almost everything which I had gave up trying in my current network. Let’s start from the map. I am person who spends time in home when she is tired and I can’t count how many times are there when I need a map to find my way even in Kolkata. But whenever I tried opening one in my current phone, it starts to irritate me with its circles which I hate like anything. After trying for at least fifteen minutes I usually go to a nearby cop and ask the route. But trust me I try every time. If I had an Airtel 4G I will use the map anytime anywhere, to find the route, to find a cafĂ© nearby or even find a restaurant and most importantly I will be able to stay away from the boring faces of the cops.

The next thing I will do if I had a 4G is download movie. I am a movie freak. Yes, freak is the correct word to describe me. I watch movies depending on my moods and believe me I have terrible mood swings. Like, one day I decided to see Dabbangg at night and had downloaded it through all day and at the time of playing the movie I felt like watching Black. Can you imagine, from Dabbangg to Black, isn’t it terrible? This happens to me quite often. And after having Airtel 4G I will download movies anytime I want. Whenever I feel like watching a movie I will download it straight way.

Now a days, not only me I can bet that ninety percent people can’t spend their idle hours without their cell phone. What they do with their mobile phone is browsing. Surfing through websites. Going through different channels, watching videos online. And obviously I can’t do any of those properly with my dumb network connection. I will be able to see episodes of my favorite soaps at hotstar without buffering if I had an Airtel 4G. The certain thought gives me goose bumps. If I had Airtel 4G under my hood I will be on the top of the world.