Tuesday, 9 April 2013

pardon! look a while ...

It’s high time sweetheart
To feel, to bear, the pain in my heart
Oh dear;
Long time we've been apart.
Can’t say more, running out of words
Tears, overflowing my thoughts.
Lovely face- so dear to me,
Smiling eyes- too near to see,
Head back to me darling
This is all I can say- in glee!
Lucky me or unlucky me... 


I was happy those days,
When you were by my side
I used to look at your face and the days would pass by..

“dear son, how could i explain
What happened when your father left us;
Days were miserable and were full of pain
We became homeless and life was a great fuss..”

And then one day you left me too,
I went mad when i couldn't find you
But then i found what life had for me
Love was the only thing that i could see.....

Monday, 8 April 2013


why do people have to die?
"you came, you went,
you were past.. you are present.."
death,  significant better half of life...
we come alone, we go alone
we stay alone, a part of it..
we sleep alone, we eat alone
we die alone and that's it..
we cry for them.. we laugh with them,
we share our joys and sorrows..
we play with them.. we dance with them,
we stay and know there's no secure tomorrow..
Yesterday, at 5.30pm, i lost a part of me.. i know, i'll never get that person back.. trying to be strong.. i wrote the above lines long back.. never knew these would get into use so soon.. broken and shattered.. i want to treasure every moment of life spent with that person.. calming down her close people hasn't been easy for me.. but, calming myself is feeling near to impossible now.. i know i cant do anything for this.. but.. i just want to convey this message to the person.. I LOVE YOU, I ALWAYS LOVED YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL.. DON'T WORRY, I'LL TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE IN YOUR ABSENCE . WOULD NOT LET ANYONE CRY AND BE WITH EVERYONE WHEN THEY MISS YOU.. BUT PLEASE, MY DEAR, GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO BEAR THIS.. Come back to me.. the parting words to that person.. may your soul rest in peace and remember wherever you are, i am there by your side.. i love you..

Friday, 5 April 2013


Towards the sky goes the water

gets a blow and again falls back,
then the sky forms a rainbow
you can see or never look back...
     the sweet fragrance of the rains
     the unheard melody it contains
     reminds me of all the pleasures of life
     listening to songs with a carnal delight...
after the rain has stopped its play
a sheet of water covers the road
the smell of wet rain in its place,
itself has a magical story untold...
     the rhythm of the water, when it falls on the roof
     the untouched raincoat hanging on the hook
     the smell of fries from the kitchen
     can i please get one more piece of chicken?...
the sweet evening with the family
is an evening hard to find
the rain brings us together
and makes it all so divine...
     all this is fine for a day or two
     what would i say if i were you?
     the rain is gone-
     and so are the memories formed by it
     one more page of the photo album,
     and was that just it?...
the night of terror found its way,
the advent of tsunami, as you people say-
destroyed the happy moments of yesterday
only i was left alone with the memories..- 
         which i suppose wasn't really gay.........

Thursday, 4 April 2013


of all the people I know in life

close and sweet are few
One who's been forever with me
is no one other than you....

Of all the times we spent together

of all the rides we rode
of all the rides we rode together
neither were we tired, nor were we bored...

Of all the sweet bonds we both shared

of all the friends we had
we both had the same choices
and were both mad for the same chad...

Of all the fights we had for toys,

Of all the fights for love
of all the fights we had for clothes
And all the love for clove...

Of all the moments we lived being happy

of all the moments being sad
we both were, for our mothers, very moody
but in our hearts, we both were, for each other, secretly clad...

The only person who stays with you

apart from your friends, family or mister
can also be the one in need
and is one person, who the world calls- a SISTER.....

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Who was She?

Passing by the by lane just beside my house
On my way to work every morning;
I see a girl, in rags and bits
And one fine day i go her following..

Then what i see was hard to believe,
She walked and walked with no destiny;
Was hungry by her looks
But couldnt buy food due to lack of sufficient money..

School and studies was she deprived of,
Clothes and food among the other few;
Slowly she went to a temple nearby
And stood among the others, extending the crew..

Maybe luck had something else for her,
When her turn came to eat;
She didnt get any food for her
But all the temple dwellers started her to beat..

She bumped into a car while running,
Physically hurt and mentally unstable was she;
Someone got out of the Car just then
Picked her up, and i understood for her next to god was he..

He put her in the car and went,
I still went following him;
I got to know that he is a doctor
And the girl had some bad bruises which later affected her skin..

Today, 10 years passed from the incident back then,
I saw that doctor again;
He was old and couldnt see
But he had a girl who helped him in his pain..

I talked to him for the first time then,
Asked him whose girl was she;
He dictated me that incident again
And now how happy were she and he..


That particular day called tomorrow..
When you were supposed to go and subject me with no more sorrow
When we met today after an age i guess..
I couldn't help it but the feeling inside my heart was really hollow ... (depressed)..
An age ago we dispersed and you still remember every part of it..
Every part of it means a lot to you, which once meant my life to me
I’ll store today in the calender of my heart..
Treasuring every moment, treasuring every part..
Till my last breath.. mind it dear.. till the very last breath
I’ll be there for you, will love you.. will try to fill the void in you..
Will be with you..
In your happy times and also the times of your ill health..

That day called tomorrow, i don’t know what will happen to us;
But one thing is for sure.. today’s memory.. is a part of me.. a part of my past..
 PS- i know the spelling of "Chevrolet" ....