Saturday, 25 March 2017

Music Diaries: Anindya "jokhon" 25

"I am not a celebrity, I am an artist" - Anindya Bose
You know what it means when everything falls into place? Anindya "jokhon" 25. 25 years of musical journey coupled up with the tiniest of thanks makes Anindya Bose the person he is today. 24th March 2017, the city of Kolkata witnessed one of its favorite musicians turning 25.

The dim of the auditorium of the fully packed Gyan Manch brightened up the face of the man of the evening, spotlighted for attention. "They all know me, don't focus on me" the man was at his wittiest best.

The brightest face of the evening? Samarpita Bose, his wife. Pride written large on her face as she gets no time to even sit for a while. Resting her head on the walls of the auditorium, seeing her husband perform a song dedicated to her, holding her hand and looking in her eyes, the tear drop was unmissable even from a corner of the audience.

The front row had the likes of music stalwarts of the fraternity of Bengal like Upal, Sidhu, Pota, Joy Sarcar, Pratik Chowdhury; who apart from being very close friends have also contributed to a very large extent in the life of the man of the evening. The recent contribution? Recreating the magic of his most famous song, the title song of the event, "Jokhon nirobey door e"

Who, present in the audience from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM can forget the time when everybody gave a standing ovation to the man they all love, with everybody inside that auditorium singing out aloud? Everybody also stood up, dedicating their musical time and paying a tribute to their own beloved. Kalikaprasad Bhattacharjee.

"I couldn't sleep last night" - Anindya confessed as he whipped out songs after songs from his kitty. Being thankful to the man at his canteen during college days to the people who emerged from his social media handles to watch him perform live, the "rock er chhele" was at his candid best.

The highlight of the evening was the man himself. Interacting with the audience as if they were all his family to being just himself on stage, you can see him perform for hours and not be tired. Doesn't that explain the tireless and happy faces even after the event got over late at night?                                       

 Shohor, his band performed along with him on stage and goes without saying- they were superb at supporting the man. From Jumping on stage to jumping off stage, Anindya Bose is a treat to watch.

      "Onek bhnaat bokechi. Aaj gaan gaaibo" - He said at the beginning of the event and he surely lived by what he promised. Excellence teamed up with wit and glitz, the evening was surely a "starry" affair.  
                                                                                                                                                                  It has just been 25 years, Anindya. There are many more yet to come. Wishing you all the best for all your future works and your life ahead. Thank you, for this experience. "Tumi "ko" peyecho, Anindya..."

All pictures are copyrighted to Antaheen Partha
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