Saturday, 24 January 2015

How do you plan to propose your crush on Valentine’s Day? The bold the better!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, just a few days and the atmosphere will be such that there will be love in the air. For me, the preparations start a bit early each year.

Saraswati Pooja; which comes before Valentine’s Day is called the Bengali Valentine’s day and so being a Bengali, Bengali valentine’s day is celebrated by me. This year, everything was special. Just to mention, this would be me and my fiancée’s first anniversary and 2nd Valentine’s Day together. For the same reasons, I was very confused as to what special shall I plan for him. I thank IndiBlogger for giving me the opportunity to write about this because this made me actually think about with my plans.

For the special day, after loads of thinking, I have come up with an idea. Knowing that we both are not too much extravagant at our choices, I wanna spend the afternoon, brunching with him at a roadside junk food stall. Before all, I plan to do everything that he likes; starting from wearing the color he loves to eat at the places he likes. I wanna then, take him to that place where we had seen the light of our relationship. Both of us are not too expressive in front of each other, so by the mighty Ganges, I wanna sit there, holding his hand and placing my head on his shoulder. I wanna see the river Ganga with him and see our future through the waves of the river. I wanna see our life there as the sun sets and the darkness engulfs us.

I wanna hold his hand tight and look into his eyes and say “Life’s like the water of the Ganga. It’s pure yet it’s impure. It’s clear yet unclear. Everyone has problems in his/her lives; it’s upon us to decide what we want to do with it. Lead it with dignity and love by taking whatever comes to us with a smile or just leave it like that. I want us to face all those problems together; I wanna grow old with you… I want you to live for me, for I live for you…”

Following which I would like to gift him the surprise I have planned for him. I would love to see the glow on his face when he will open the gifts I got for him. Finally, I plan to end the day with a quiet dinner by the river side. For I feel, after a whole day full of love; sharing from the same plate and feeding each other can only be the perfect end to the perfect date. When he comes to drop me home, I wanna hug him tight and whisper in his ears “I love u…”

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