Thursday 19 December 2013

Good Americans by Tejas Desai: a review

 “Good Americans”, interesting name, isn’t it?
This cutting edge short story collection by Tejas Desai gives every reader a very unconventional approach to the contemporary American world which is overflowing with people who are liars, racists and cheats. 

America is also filled with people who are doing their best in emotionally manipulating people and getting on their nerves.. 
All the stories jotted down by the author have a great detailed research done and the way the stories are penned shows it all. 

All stories are different to each other in their own way and they have a feel of their own. Stories starts from An Italian-American racist receiving his retribution from a Hispanic teenager; a blonde runaway from Florida being forced into prostitution on her road; a Dominican-American professor being involved in the politics of the academic world; and much more.

A very different novel as compared to the chicklit love stories of today’s time, Good Americans does its best in solving its purpose. The author of the novel has made it more interesting with the use of the perfect ingredients at the perfect place. Good Americans is the first book in The Human Tragedy series. Looking forward to more such books, I would like to rate this piece of work 5 out of 5.

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