Saturday, 15 April 2017

Music Diaries: Pre-Poila Boishak evening with Riddhi Bandhopadhyay

It's late, I know. But there's a saying that says better late than never. My pre poila boishak days continue to be packed and musical. With the presence of the band I visited a day back, yesterday evening at Outram Club changed my whole mood.

Noted singer and Poncho Kobir Konya, Riddhi Bandhopadhyay was on the house. Along with her team of 4, she belted out songs that would directly touch your heart. The Indianized dresscode of the club added to the flavours.

Nostalgia was written large on the faces of the crowd present there, sitting and standing as tracks that found a new level on Riddhi's voice resonated in the whole club.

A happy woman, Riddhi Bandhopadhyay went on to wish everybody a shubho poila boishak and told them about how excited she is to be on a train journey after ages.

"Live jaabo on facebook" she said, adjusting herself before entering the stage and she went as promised. Her voice and the claps of the guests thundered across as a huge line for pictures was formed.

All photograph courtesy- Antaheen Partha

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