Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fight Pimples the Garnier Way!

Being a girl of the 21st century, I, personally have to face a lot. My face is an open book. It reflects what I feel. It knows how and when to go under a mask and when to become fully written pages. Whatever stress I have or even the slightest bit of tension, shows directly on my face in no time. 

Mental stress teamed up with the pollution and dirt all around disturbs my sensitive skin and pimples start to show up. I would be wrong if I say that it doesn’t affect me and my daily routine because at times it surely destroys everything. I thank IndiBlogger and Garnier for giving me the opportunity to write about these.

Pimples are something that is more like the black spot on the moon. No, I am not calling myself the moon but I believe the face is like the moon- soothing and talkative. Our face is like the first impression that we give on people. And a face with pimples is really not the exact much anticipated first impression. I have noticed in many places that a pimple spoils everything. If I have a pimple or two and I am supposed to meet anyone or go for a meeting, it actually stops me.

Pimples are something that is very difficult to hide. Make-up and concealers only do worst for the pimples in place of correcting them. People notice our pimples first before looking at us. I had once become tired of hiding those pimples under glasses and with dupattas. A pimple can be a very big turn-off when on a date. Pimples stay for a day or for even months. I thank Lord, for my pimples doesn’t stay for long but it at times leave s apart that is not much easy to remove.

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash is something that I tried on an advice by a cousin, when I had a few pimples and trust me; I was really shocked with the results. The effect started in an instant and in just a few days time, my face was pimple free. From then on, I started using the Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash twice everyday and that surely gives me a glowing, smooth and pimple-free skin. Today, I can proudly go in front of the world rather than hiding my face from them because now, I fight pimples. I recommend Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash to every girl and boy so that they can go in front of the world, carefree. Cheers to Garnier!

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