Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Exit Point by Anil Goel- a review

In a turquoise colored background, white bold letters shining ‘on the internet no one knows you are dead…’ tells us the story of a edge of the seat fiction Exit Point by bestselling author Anil Goel. A silhouette of a guy, running towards light but light never seems to come. That’s probably how I would describe the cover. The 500 page book surely gives a wonderful sensation once you hold it. The blurb tells us much more…

According to the blurb- “What lies beneath?” An Australian intelligence officer wonders, as she sees terrible burn marks on sharks that go berserk off the coast of Bondi Beach. A super-intelligent teenage girl is found dead with no apparent cause and her father, implicated in another murder in the same house, at the same time, insists he doesn’t know how she died. The investigating team gets a mysterious tip-off – that the girl was chatting with another teenager on a social networking site at the exact time she died. A young reclusive tech genius is contemplating a suicide pact with an online soul mate who suddenly disappears. What ties these strange incidents together? Set in a chillingly probable 2016, Exit Point takes us into a dark, mysterious online world where an ancient mystery is unraveling after centuries. A mystery that cuts across Austrailia, India, china, Hong Kong, London, America- and ultimately all of mankind. From Adam and Eve. To Us. Our only hope of getting to the bottom of it, literally, is Alok- and his quest to find his intimate. At all of 17 years of age, he saved a country. At 25, can he save humanity?

The blurb though looks a tad too big for a readers liking but trust me, when you get to the book, the blurb looks reasonably small. The beginning of the book was a bit shaky; for most of it went on to introduce the characters in the book. The readers will be perplexed at when the author has introduced characters and when he is telling more of the story. The story is such that one will be bound to trust the author and think that whatever incidents are written in the book will surely be a part of our probable future.

The characters of the book have been very carefully chosen and I would like to congratulate the author for choosing such powerful characters. I believe, the character is nothing without its name and the name plays a very vital role in making the character. Through this book, every reader could relate themselves to the character with their names. The real life settings used in a fictionalized way in the book makes it more relatable. And that, I believe has made the book a reality fiction.

In a time when the internet is everything, a probable future to humanity showed through X-Net and GPhones has the power to garner more attention from the readers. How clue leads on to clue and how the characters find their way out gives the essence of the book. The readers can keep on guessing how the end is gonna turn out to be but they will never be able to guess what’s in store for them and the surprise is really interesting.

As the book went to catch the speed from the otherwise slow start, the readers get engrossed inside the book. There were a few minus points of the book. At places the book seems too stretched and some characters were (I felt) a bit unnecessary. There has been a point where there is a character being talked about or a reference being discussed and it has been kept mute for a long time. When readers tend to miss the catch of those discussions, then they suddenly see the topic coming live again.

At times this seems interesting but at times it is monotonous. I believe the speed and at places the length has become the biggest minus points of the book. The probable future being discussed here has been very nicely described upon and I would surely want to experience what would happen if the book comes out to be true. All in all, the book has become a wonderful experience of learning and knowing things and I would like to give the book a 4 out of 5. Ending my take, I would say a line that is mostly used by a protagonist inside the book….

Humanity is highly overrated’

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