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"Writing is my orgasm" - says Abhishek Leela Pandey in a chat with Vanya's Notebook

The readership market gleaming with Mythology based books and different kind of viewpoints of the existence of God doing the rounds; here I take the opportunity to interact with the author of Brahma Trilogy, Abhishek Leela Pandey. A renowned Mathematician, Philanthropist and an Indian writer, Abhishek is also associated with a NGO. In his own words, “Writing is my orgasm- The Pleasure one gets while having sex, even better, reaching the climax, deserves no worth, is no match, to the satisfaction I get while writing. So yes, Writing is my Orgasm”; with this statement from the writer himself, here’s his journey from being a small 12 year old kid who just scribbles to a 27year old soon to be published writer!

Vanya’s Notebook: So to begin with, how did the idea of Brahma Trilogy come to your mind?

Abhishek--- I belong to the lineage is that of Rishi Ved Vyas. In our family, we normally discuss about mythological stuff, thanks to my parents and grandparents. Hindus have a concept of trinity- innovation, preservation and annihilation... Brahma, the creative force was always neglected! I was surprised to know there is just one temple in Pushkar of Lord Brahma and they don’t worship regularly there... This stuck my mind! I needed a proof. I started reading. After a year I had finished the 4Vedas and 18 Puranas. Brahma was mentioned but nothing was clear about him and whatever little was there, was in a coded form! Only if you read between the words you get to know why he was getting neglected. The story is so vast that I knew it won’t fit in one book and now I doubt that it won’t fit in three books also!

Vanya’s Notebook: Having gone through the teaser update you made on the facebook page of your book a few days back, the book surely shows the signs of a flurry of emotions and revelations! If given a chance, how would you describe your book in a few lines?

Abhishek--- My book is not totally based on mythology, it is an anthropological book and it’s a revelation that is being hidden throughout. I have used the concept of Human evolution! Also, I have tried to focus on a society where the economy would be based on intellectualism.

Vanya’s Notebook: After the massive success of Amish’s Shiva Trilogy, every other reader has started reading Mythology and the worst part is that they start comparing the work with Amish’s. In such a market condition, didn’t it ever occur to you how will the readership base treat the Brahma Trilogy?

Abhishek---I write for myself! For serving the literature... I would, like any other writer, like if my book is a bestseller. It’s not about comparing with Amish. I have just written a book and let’s see what happens. The distributors have given a report and they have a statistical analysis that my book would sell around 50,000 to 1, 00,000 copies in the first edition itself.

Vanya’s Notebook: You are a well known mathematician, did being a mathematician help in any ways in coming to or proving the conclusion of any research needed for this book?

Abhishek--- Yes! Mathematics is a philosophical subject, a language of God in which he tries to define and create everything. Physics, Chemistry Biology, History, Geography and even literature and language subjects, they all have mathematical implications and in life they have a database that needs maths. In this book there are ancient maps, so, to study their authenticity or their geographical location, I needed maths! To calculate the accurate geo plate, I needed maths. I made a few points which were mathematically related. The book talks about a very secretive language of maths.

Vanya’s Notebook: I also have heard that there was a legal case on the content of the book; can you enlighten us the insights?

Abhishek--- I had sent my manuscript, a raw script to an organisation. The book talks about mythology but the thing was they found it offensive because 1)  I have shown God to be involved in lot of shrewd politics, violence and sex 2) I have used some words that are offensive/abusive and I have tried to expose the dark side of society where Brahmins and Kshatria were involved in an outrage. The priests who were supposed to be Brhamacharya were not doing so. I have shown the animal nature of humans, Brahmins to be precise because they are supposed to be one of the purest people 3) I have proved that God doesn’t exist by a hypothesis.Brahma wanted to teach everything to everybody, he was a man but due to failing logics of human beings, they were unable to grasp everything. So, Brahma created a concept based on fear and instilled the fear in human mind, utilised it to his benefit and finally conceptualised it as God! Nonetheless, I was able to prove all my points to the organisation and the court and I won the case!

Vanya’s Notebook: How does it feel to be a published writer?

Abhishek--- Umm... Actually, I had been rejected a lot many times. So I have become more of a stoic. Started writing when I was 12 and by the time I was 19 I had the urge of becoming professional. Now, I am 27. From 8 years I have been rejected! Two of my novels have been rejected already owing to the fact that they were controversial. Though, after facing loads of rejections, the feeling has subsided a bit but the feeling that writing gives me is still the same as it used to give me when I was 12!

Vanya’s Notebook: As I can see, you surely will be one of the most controversial and talked about writers in India.

Abhishek--- Truth has two forms- enlightening and disappointing. But humans have a tendency to get disappointed easily. Therefore they may feel I write controversial but I want to say again, I just write the truth and nothing else. I don’t want to be stereotyped!

Vanya’s Notebook: I guess I have bored you too much. So, before concluding the interview I would like to request you to write a few words for Abhishek! And of course to your readers!

Abhishek--- Not exactly. Your blog is too good to look at. Keep doing this great work of glorifying literature. Love! Readers if there are any, love you too.

We had a great time interacting with you too... Hope you had a great time interacting with Vanya’s Notebook. Wish you loads of luck for this trilogy and many more to come

Talking to the man who took it upon himself to show the world what Brahma is has been a wonderful experience for Vanya’s Notebook. We are humbled to share with our readers what the author of Brahma Trilogy is.

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