Saturday, 12 April 2014

Embers of Light by Abhi: a review

When I first saw the book and knowing that it was a fantasy fiction, Embers of Light and the Sacred Secret (Part 1) of the Embers of Light trilogy; I felt a pang of mystery going down my spine and it was then that I knew that I had to read this anyhow.

On the back cover it was written- It is best when some secrets remain hidden and some stories untold. But is destiny too kind to let this be? A strange Y-Shaped symbol in the sky terrifies the mysterious, alien race living secretly on Earth for centuries, and changes forever the fate of five human beings; a Brazilian street fighter, an American cop, a Chinese Karate instructor, a Russian environmentalist and an Indian ad maker. Meanwhile, a geek in NYC is amazed to see his dreams grow more and more bizarre each day and meets an angel who isn’t conventional in any way. This is the story of how their destinies intervene.They could have had heaven but they did not take it. The demons were against them and so were angels but that did not scare them. Destiny had already ruled against them but they chose to rebel. Embers of Light is the story of five ordinary humans who chose the path of light over and above everything else.

The strange Y-shaped symbol in the sky has been the biggest attraction for me, as a reader to the                 book. This kind of genres, fantasy fiction to be precise, is not my forte but after reading this               book I certainly feel like reading more of this genre and not only this genre, but also am                     eagerly waiting for the rest of the books in the trilogy.

Written by debutant author Abhishek Gupta aka Abhi, this fresh narrating style is a feel good for every reader. The way the characters are introduced and the flow of the story commences makes every reader crave for the ending.

It surely has all the features necessary for a good book and it goes without saying that it can keep any reader hooked till the last or at least till the secret is revealed. The wonderful description style has the capability of making the reader flow with the content of the book.

It makes the reader go “waaaooo....” “oh noo...” “sshhiitt... nooo...” “yeesss” all in just a single turn of a page. Giving it all the needed spices and condiments, the book comes out to be one perfect recipe for the readers’ taste buds.

But, along with so many positive points of the book, there are a few grammatical and spelling errors in the process but the flow of the book certainly makes the reader forget the errors. The ending with the special teaser of the second book in the trilogy makes the readers more interested in reading happens next. I would love to rate this book 4.5 out of 5 and keep my fingers crossed for the second book to come!

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