Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Chapter eleven by Amit Shankar: a review

“Kissa corporate bankruptcy ka” well yes, this is one tagline that calls you to the book. After Flight of Hilsa and Love is Vodka, Chapter Eleven is the third book of best-selling author Amit Shankar.

On the back cover- Feeling suffocated within the confines of Udaipur, his past and inconsequential job, Virendra Vikram Singh aspires to be a part of an MNC. However, with dreams having a nasty habit of going haywire, the day he joins his dream company, it files for chapter 11-bankruptcy. First of its kind, Chapter 11 is a bold and honest portrayal of corporate sleaze, dejection, love and self-discovery.

Chapter 11, what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you first read out the title?  There are so many things that come in mind, just about anything. But I am sure; this book would turn out to be unexpected. No, it’s not a love story. Chapter 11 is nothing but corporate bankruptcy. It is an honest portrayal of what happens when a MNC goes bankrupt? What happens to their members when the company files for Chapter 11?

Yes, I can proudly say that it is one of its kind, showing the world the true feelings of a company which files for Chapter 11 through the eyes of Virendra Vikram Singh (VVS). How a small town guy aims to work for a MNC, flaunt a laptop and a blackberry and then when the dreams come true then the company goes bankrupt.
It is the story of struggle; it is the revelation of truth of the corporate world. It is the story of dejection, love and finally how after all this the person finds himself.  This story is also about honesty, trust and life. How any member of the company is sacked ruthlessly and how contacts can help you stay there forever.

I, personally, loved the way the author has tried to bring forth the reality of the corporate world through simple words. The glossary at the end of the book acts as a plus point for all those non-corporate readers. The cover is also very catchy. But, I would've loved it more if the book had a bit more elements of family life or rather the life of VVS rather than totally focusing the storyline towards the chapter 11 company.

Nonetheless, the writing style is good and the content too and it keeps the reader interested and caught till the end. Rating it a 3.75 out of 5, I would wish the author luck and wait for many more books to come!

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