Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Night in Paradise by Kumar Kaustubh and Abhinav Kr. Pandey: a review

The tagline perfectly describes the book “shades of 12 beautiful love sagas”. The cover also depicts how a night in paradise is, can also be termed as one of the plus points of the book. The foreword by Dipen Ambalia also adds as the cherry on the cake.

As per the back cover- Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle; love is the essence of war... Starts on ground level and ends with a lot of cherishable memories creating a PARADISE!! “Do you think you will go to heaven after death?” Majority of people would answer as, “I hope so” or “I think so” or perhaps “I think I have a good chance.” Not many people would answer this question in negative. But you’re wrong about your perception of heaven. And you’re going to be wrong after a long, long time. Heaven does not arrive after death. It’s always there, around you, in fact it is everywhere. You just need to have eyes to see and senses to feel the beauty and bliss around you; and that is where you will find heaven too. Heaven is where True Love dwells. It’s a throne with lingering fragrances, angels surrounding it and gracing it with their presence giving you an everlasting feeling fo being loved. A Night In Paradise is a collection of 12 such stories from budding and aspiring authors who have added different strokes of talks to help you get a glimpse of paradise and take you to heavenly Nights.

Now, turning to the first story of the anthology; Just a Dream by Nehali Lalwani and Radhika Harlalka. The pain of one sided love, the longing, the desire is the best thing about the story. However, I was not much satisfied with the narrating style. The USP of the story was its poem at the end and I congratulate the writers for the same.

Next up is, Only for you by Neoni D’Souza and Neha Gupta. A college romance turning into lifetime. Friendship to life long relationship. This story is all about love, friendship and obsession. I, personally Loved the way the writers have described the storyline which keeps any reader hooked to the end.

Ila Garg’s Comfortably Numb is the story of Mishka and Kishlay. This is one story which I find inspiring. The power of love and the truthfulness is what the story shows. Through, I feel the writer could’ve played more with her words and imagination in the story still I like the story very much.

Next is A Journey from I to US by Shrutee Pareikh. The name itself is very beautiful and can inspire any reader to read the story of Kiya and Moksh. The heart whelming tale of Kiya and Moksh can surely attract readers but the only hitch is that it needs proper editing. A proper edited one would’ve been a show stealer.

Kumar Kaustubh’s Light of Love, the story of two school kids Karan and Vandana is next on the list. The innocent yet forever live is something the story speaks of. Another round of editing and a more revised plot would’ve done the trick for the writer in this story.

Vaibhav Varun’s A Me in me is undoubtedly the most mature story of the whole anthology. I loved the way the writer has presented the whole story and described it. It is a must read in the anthology.

After reading Ayeesha Adhikari’s Eternal Love, I know what love is. At times though the story seems a bit known but no one could’ve wondered what’s going to happen in the end. Bringing tears in my eyes, the story is also a must read.

Christmas Eve by Prashant Rai had surely brought a ray of hope in everyone’s eyes. The love of Ryan and Ayushee and of course a sister’s incomparable love for her sister is something the story tells the readers. I, personally, loved the narrating style o the writer ignoring the few errors the story had.

Next up is Ishani Malhotra’s City Lights. The love of a husband and wife is well retained in the book. I particularly liked the way the writer has narrated the whole story. Looking forward to read more such emotionally filled write-ups from the writer soon.

Till Eternity ends by Khushi gupta is something I loved about the book. The description style and the way its written is something that made me fall for the story, when I read it first. Love has an all new meaning with this story.

Brinda Tailor’s And then I realised her love for me teaches us a very important lesson of life. One should always be with the person who loves you to be happy and that’s the best part of the story along with the fresh description style.

Love Undefined by Abhinav Kr Pandey is next. A narrating style can change the story altogether. This was just a proverb for me till the time I read this story. The wonderful description style has changed the whole feeling of the story and I loved it.

All in all the entire anthology was a feel good anthology and the song at the end of the book leaves all its readers with a smile on their faces. Every story had its own essence in the anthology making it truly a night in paradise. For this successful attempt, I would like to rate this book a 3.5 out of 5.

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