Sunday, 29 December 2013

When I found You ...I found myself by Sankalp Kohli: a review

From the bestselling author of “Because...every raindrop is a hope”; this book had a lot of rising expectations from its readers. In a time where the cover page of the book plays one of the most important roles in picking it up from the stores, this book is special. A very simple and plain cover page of the book seems to catch every reader’s attention to its own.

The blurb gives the readers a very interesting insight of the book. Teenage love or rather childhood love turning to the love of their life is a story very well portrayed by the writer. The story of the novel is a very common story. By common story I mean, it can be connected in everyday lives very well.

The writing style of the writer is very simple and the story is written in a very layman’s language. The way the situations are depicted with the two main protagonist’s point of view is a very interesting thought by the author. The reader can very well relate to each and every situation. What happens in the end, if the two people meet or they depart again is a question, which is answered in the end of the book.

The drawback of the book is a bit of grammatical and spelling errors. It seems that at parts the writer had lacked the connection of the story to some events. All in all, the book is a nice one time read and congratulating the author for the book, I would like to give it 4 out of 5.

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