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The Stranger talks about his books and more

This interview is something special not because it is an interview with a bestselling author but just because this is an interview of THE STRANGER. Yes, THE STRANGER or THE STORYTELLER as we call him, here is K Hari Kumar in conversation with Ayan Khan.

Before starting the interview let me give you a brief glance as what The Stranger really is. K Hari Kumar is a story teller by heart. He likes telling stories in all possible formats. His passion includes, Photograhy, writing, directing. A few of his works have been nominated for International Awards. When Strangers Meet is his debut novel which is also an interpretation of his first short film- My Name Is Iyer. So, here is how the interview goes-

Ayan- Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hari- The name is Hari, a social outcast living in a south India Countryside.

Ayan- How were you like at school?

Hari- More of a studious type until tenth grade. A change in school brought the better out of me, High school was the best time of my life.

Ayan-What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Hari- I too had a love story, in fact I had five of them... but I won’t be writing about that. I like and wish to keep writing extraordinary stories of ordinary people that entertain and inspires, nothing more, and nothing less.

Ayan- Which writer inspires you?

Hari- Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho concentrated on my passion while it was Dahl and Doyle who paved my initial path as a child.

Ayan- If you weren’t a writer, what would u choose to be?

Hari- A human being (not an outcast :D )

Ayan- What does the title of your book suggest?

Hari- Suggests the premise of the story. We encounter strangers in our everyday life, however, very few leave a lifetime impact. The story is about one such encounter.

Ayan- Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Hari- Iyer, the protagonist, is a wise cracking, quick witted middle aged south Indian. He’s special coz he’s an ordinary human.

Ayan- What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?

Hari- I like commercial thrillers mostly. The very chill of a thriller drags me.

Ayan- Does your book contain any social message for the readers?

Hari- Depends on the reader. However, my book talks about generation gap and problems faced by our youth. How immature decisions can mess up your life and why we should respect the experience of our parents.

Ayan- What do you have to say about the critics and how do you handle personal criticism?

Hari- I am my worst critic. I am sure, any other criticism will come second to my own.

Ayan- Does film making draw your attention more than writing?

Hari- Its just another medium of storytelling.

Ayan- What are your short films about? And what do they convey to the viewers?

Hari- Mostly they are thrillers, with just one love story. However the first one remains my favourite, the one that because my book later.

Ayan- Any specific message or advice you want to give to your readers?

Hari- Keep reading and stay blessed. Life can be a short story or a long saga... whatever it maybe, make it worthwhile.

As a conclusive note, I would like you to share with us a few words for the blog.

I am glad that you began your blog with an honest review of WSM and although I am not a regular blog follower but I do come back here once in a while. You guys are doing a great job and good luck.

We are really glad to have had the golden chance of conversing with The Stranger. You can also grab a copy of his book from leading online and offline stores.

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