Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Flight of Hilsa by Amit Shankar: a review by Ammu S Nair

Characters: Avi, Sunny, Captain, Shweta and their respective families.
Judging from the cover of the book all we can find is a sea and a fish is taking a leap on it. I wasn't aware of the meaning Hilsa but at the beginning the author states its meaning and importance.
The story, however revolves around Avi and her passion for painting its all about her ups and down in life and how the relationships takes specific turns. This is the debut book of Amit Shankar. 
Basically its divided in three portions, the first half is a little dragged on but when it enters the second stage it keeps the reader hooked.
The strong point of the book is the relation between sunny's mom and Avi and then relationship between Shweta and Avi. 
one of the disappointing part of the book is the dragging first half which will bore the reader to some extent till the second parts comes up.
Overall a good read and I would like to give the book a 4 out of 5.

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