Tuesday, 3 December 2013

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Being alone always feels miserable,
No one beside you to pull you up,
Whenever you are feeling down,
Everyone doesn’t like a person with a frown.

The dark begins to consume you,
Its chilly hand inches away from your hollow soul,
Just waiting to take a grasp,
So you can forever lay on the ground, cold.

My story would have ended this way,
If it wasn’t for that mystical hand,
That pulled me back up,
And helped me till I could stand.

With a face that would make the stars blush,
And eyes which made gold lose its glitter,
Lips that made a rose lose its colour,
And with such a wonderful smile,
That made living worth while.
Alas, now I am a happy man,
For I have found that essential gland,
And I promise never to leave your hand,
And every challenge together we shall meet,
For you make my life complete.

- Ayan khan

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