Saturday, 14 December 2013

An evening at the Ganga ghat....

Cool wind, cold weather, a pinch of moistness in the eyes and the evergreen- Ganges, this is how I describe my evening at the Ganga ghat.

Visiting it for the first time just to sit and talk, with buddies old and new, the day was quite memorable. The cold breeze and the wintry feel adding to the excitement. We sit and talk, of yesterday, of today and of, maybe, tomorrow (if tomorrow exists at all). One look at the Ganga water and it seems to drift away all the worries, the tensions, the pain of your life.

The water, in its deepest within seems to hide so much. It is witness to so many deaths, so many lives, so many paths unturned. It is the purest of everything and yet the most impure water. People store the water in the containers for holy purposes but the Ganga itself wishes to drain away its water and be guilt free forever.

Sitting by the bank of the Ganga, I looked at the guy beside me. Yes, a friend of mine, this was the second time I was meeting him, though I talk to him a lot on “social networks”. There was this weird cuteness in him; his eyes are witness to the deepest secrets of his heart, though he doesn’t show it. The sudden awkward yet special touches give a weird calmness to the soul.

We were a bunch of people from different backgrounds. Different people, different spheres of life yet so same thought processes. Being with them was a wonderful enlightening experience altogether. The feeling of being close to people sharing the same mentality has always been a good feel for everyone.

The steamy tea and hot ground nuts in such an ambience acts as special effects in the wintry weather. Pakoras made from Pulses and chocolates help to calm the hunger down. Going hand in hand, the support, the love, the care all teemed in one, together. I wish I could say more. I wish I could have words with me to describe the evening.

Eight crazy friends, one special evening, this is how I describe my evening at the Ganga ghat, because, goodbyes are not meant to be forever...

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