Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Rainbow Jelly: a review

“....bhaabo toh, rotation na holey, ki hoto?”

I finally get to watch the film that I have been willing to watch for a long time: and I mention long because it's been a huge wait from the time the teaser has been released or rather from the time I first got to know about such a film being made till date. As I type this, hours after I come out of the movie hall; the Jukebox of the film still plays on my YouTube in the background. Soukarya Ghoshal’s Rainbow Jelly.

I kid you not, the film had me at first go. Technically (and I seriously don't know if this sounds technically to you or not) the whole concept of the beginning credits of the film written in the way it is, catches the attention. Then comes our loved, Ghoton. Finally, a whole journey is lived through the duration.

In this world where we present everything in such a complicated matter, this movie deals with the basics in such a free flowing manner. Dreams. Yes, our inner child never fails to dream of a world where we will be the king/queen, have everything that is ever possible and live happily ever after. Ghoton’s story relives those dreams through the seven tastes brought to him by PoriPishhiiiiiiii…

Young Mahabrata Basu’s real life story is as big an inspiration as his reel life story. Sreelekha Mitra’s PoriPishhiiiiiiiii (okay! I'm sorry I can't just say Poripishi because that is the effect the character and the song has on me) as a ray of hope with her box of wonder, brings the much needed layer in the film. Kaushik Sen’s Gondaria mama is terrific in his accent and his antics. Complimenting them all is cute Poppins (Anumegha) and Anadi Da (Shantilal) who play their parts beautifully.

Metaphors fill up the film in many ways than one but what strikes a chord is the subtlety of it. Like Ghoton, I would also love to believe when PoriPishhiiiiiiiii says that if you wish for something real hard and an aeroplane flies just then, know that your dream would come true. And I turned, for those minutes inside the movie hall, to my inner child. Crying my heart out and wondering how intimate it is to gift a dream, to get gifted a dream, to loving a dream, to living a dream. And all dreams aren't just dreams. As the movie says, shob roopkotha mitthey hoy na!

Adding to the film is the music and it deserves a separate paragraph. The Jukebox, as you have already figured, has been a part of my daily playlist since the time it was released. While watching the film though, the songs made so much more sense. They speak of a journey of its own and it depicts the film exactly how it is. Moushumi di’s Ei chheleta and young Totini’s Koshto Tumi steals the show. The combination of Soukarya Ghoshal and Nabarun Bose I've been a fan of since the time I had watched Loadshedding and they seal a fan in me through this film. The title track of the film (not to be heard in the film) deserves special mention as do the Power Puff girls who have sung it. The other 3 tracks adds a certain dimension to the film.

I wish and I can solely wish that this gem of a film gets its fair share of accolades and the motive behind the film gets sown in everybody's mind in due course of time.

Rainbow Jelly has the power to transform someone; so be it… Let's all focus on resting those odds and cruelty of life and being a better human being in life. Let's all sow the seven flavors of life in everybody's heart…

“...rainbow jelly bhastey thaak khaali, maakkali!”

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