Friday, 30 March 2018

The Buddha of the Brothel by Kris Advaya's: a review

You know you're in for a good read when from a favorite publisher you get a true story. The cover catches your attention at first glance and then the name of the book sends you to a frenzy! Kris Advaya’s novel “The Buddha of the Brothel” does exactly that! Done in beautiful pastel colors and featuring a beautiful artwork every time to mark the beginning of a chapter, this 333 page book captivates you from the moment you pick it up.

According to the blurb- When Kris made a trip to India to study Ayurvedic massage he never thought he would find love, adventure, and heartbreak. Traumatised by the loss of his friend and army abuses, Kris came to India practicing meditation and chastity, but both efforts were turned head over heels when he caught sight if Radha, a sex worker in Pune’s notorious red light district. Before he knew it, Kris was wrapped up in the world of Pimps and crime Lords, losing his hold on the life he had been pursuing and all dreams of stability he had once built in his head. To be with the woman who had stolen his heart away, a life altering decision awaited.

The book is exactly what the blurb states and so much more. I started off with this book not knowing what to expect. The flow of the book (just because it's a non fiction) is a tad bit slow and that is mainly because it is someone's life story. You would need to know that person and develop your feelings towards him. Know what's going on in his life and how you can relate to it. Once that slow start fades off and you know what is going on and you get acquainted with the characters of Kris’s life: you get the feel of the book.

It traces Kris’s journey in India. He comes to India to study Ayurvedic massage but what goes on in his life is much more beyond those massage classes. The Buddha of the Brothel: the title itself sheds life on the story and what the whole book is all about. On an unexpected day, Kris meets Radha (yes!) Who is a sex worker (if that's the way to put it) and then his life takes a turn.  The book or shall I say, Kris’s life is nothing short of a good film with everything mixed in it.

What I liked most about the book was the writing style of the writer. Not even for a moment would you feel that this is a non fiction and a true story because it is written in the form of a prose. A Literary memoir in its truest sense, I also loved the way the sarcasm, puns, hope and so many mixed reactions were put forth to the audience to read and react. There comes a time in the book where you actually feel that you're living Kris’s life.

The amalgamation of Buddha and the Brothel makes for a great mix and a great read. Coming to the cons of the book (because, trust me there's not much to say about the book and it is for you to read, understand and decode) would be the fact that it is too lengthy a read and can get tiresome. Having said that, this book is not for the masses but whoever reads it would end with a very renewed sense of energy. For me, this book is a 4 out of 5. Looking forward to more memoirs in the future. 

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