Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Forever is a LIE by Novoneel Chakraborty: a review

A basket of life comes knocking when I open a Novoneel Chakraborty book. "What's life?" Novoneel says, "Life's a beautiful bitch!" and then adds with his quintessential smirk and raised eyebrow, pulling off his glasses "Life's also a lie and so is Forever." Always remember, Forever is a lie. Chakraborty's recent release (today being the last day for the pre order) after the record breaking Black Suits You, Forever is a Lie proves (?) just that. The Mean Monster and an eighteen year old girl is by your side throughout the journey. I fathom a majority of you reading this has also read the blurb but what harm is there in sharing a piece of a book I loved again?

According to the blurb: Prisha Srivastav turned eighteen two months back. Hailing from Faridabad, she studies mass communication in Bengaluru. She meets a mysterious man, double her age, who goes by the name 'the mean monster' in the Bengaluru party circuit. Intrigued, she pursues him and falls for him. However, there's a problem. Prisha doesn't know he kills the one who loves him. Literally.

First and foremost.
Meet the characters: Eighteen year old Prisha.
The Mean Monster Saveer.
As trademark Novoneel as it can get, the character names have a feel good factor in themselves. The names of the characters give in a lot about the character than the book. Can we play a quick game here? Prisha. What do you think of the name? Give me adjectives. How do you think is the girl? Same wise for Saveer. (The comment/inbox section is all yours to leave your answers).

Coming back to the story, as you might have read the prologue it goes without saying that the adrenaline that's needed for the book is set high standards from page 1. As you pace through the book (this goes to the ones who has mixed reactions for Black Suits You) you would see that the Novoneel Chakraborty magic has not faded. It's back and how! Quotations fill the book and dare I say, life changing ones. There wasn't a moment when I felt that the story was dragged or any scene that could've been omitted.
Having said this, Forever is a lie is not a 'psycho sexual thriller' as the write is famous for writing. It is a triller and a thriller which is more twisted than his most twisted tale till date. The layers and sub layers had me in shackles. So had the writing style and usage of words. Novoneel has evolved as a writer and today, I see no point in commending him on how he writes.

For the story, I am in love with Saveer (and that surely was the intention). Too many similarities to things happening around me could make me relate to the book more. Let's not speak of the cons as of now (trust me you'll know why!) As I turned towards the end, (DO NOT. I REPEAT, DO NOT TURN TO THE LAST PAGE FIRST) Novoneel smiles. Finally, putting his glasses back on he whispers out loud... "Happy Independence Day, Sharanya" as he pushes me out in the open. Unharnessed. My coffee lay untouched for the past 3 hours taken to complete this 4.75 out of 5 book, never to be drunk again... Until next time, Novoneel. Soon.