Friday, 16 December 2016

Dawn at Dusk by Gaurav Sharma: a review

I remember the first time I had seen the cover of the book. It excluded one word from me - "interesting" ! And more than the cover, the title brought forth the exclamation. Soon, Gaurav Sharma's 3rd book Dawn at Dusk was in my hands and I turned to the blurb.

According to the blurb- Yet to go through an ordeal, the millionaire scion Aradhaya is much cossetted only son of Talukdars. Suddenly, his life gets upended when he loses his parents and is deceived by the girl he married. In his attempt to overcome, he falls for Sambhavi, who is a renowned writer and professor, because he sees her as the shadow of his mother. Sambhavi lays her condition. Aradhaya gives up too soon. Distraught, he leaves his house in search of peace and starts a life of a recluse among the people with little means and ambitions until his love for Sambhavi guides and inspired him to do something extraordinary. What does he do? What course does his life take? Does Sambhavi accept him? Let's hear Aradhaya's story.

With such an interesting and calming cover, the blurb acts as a beautiful cherry on the cake. Seemingly a story with a difference and having read the author with his debut, I had a lot of expectations from the book. With the beautiful prologue, you know that you are in for a surprise. As I had always liked about the author, small snippets and couplets adding to the feel of the book makes this book a smooth read.

Coming to the characters, I liked the way the protagonist(s) have been growing with the book progressing. Page by page you see characters being there, establishing their own and making their way in your mind as a reader. That is a feat not many author achieves.

Coming to the story, this was a very unusually usual story line which has been beautifully portrayed. The author has done his best in writing the story. The narration has been done well and it touches the reader. My favorite character though was Meera even though she wasn't really a major character. I would leave it on to you to read the book and tell me which character did you like and which part of the story did you like the most. For me, I liked how the story focused on Aradhaya and progressed how he was throughout the book.

If I have to speak of the cons of the book then I would want to say that the language could've been more lucid which would then attract even laymen to read it at places. Even if I liked the story and the whole concept, there were a few things which for me were missing links and could have been polished. The book had grammatical errors but that is ignorable. I would have to give it to the author for following 2 of his beautifully written books with this one. For me, looking forward to more from the author, this is 3.5 out of 5. 

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