Friday, 9 December 2016

Befikre: a review

To begin with, I would really like to say what made me think of writing about this movie. Well, to be true it wasn't that I thought of writing about the movie but it was when the National Anthem was played on the inox screen with a majorly full house at 9 AM on a Friday morning where cinegoers were mostly within the age group who love to party and have fun or couples, no one even flinched or batted an eyelid before standing up in respect. EACH AND EVERY ONE stood up. Almost humming Jana Gana Mana with a pin drop silence, I would be wrong if I say that I didn't have a lump in my throat at the respect. It was that moment after sitting down that I thought that this was such a capturable moment.

Then, breaking the trance Labon ka Karobar started playing showing off, in true YRF fashion, the beautiful scenario of the place the shooting has been done. In this case, my favorite place in the whole world- Paris. And how beautifully the camera pans from one place to the other following couples throughout. The loudest hoots I'm sure came from me as the song ended and we see Ranveer Singh (okay! I'm biased), scantily clad (or clad, at all?) and Vaani Kapoor. At that one scene I knew that I'm game for the movie. Around me, everything faded away. The film goes back and forth over a period of a year or so and fast forwards time at time as you are taken through the relationship between Delhi ka launda Dharam Gulati and Paris born, brought up punjabi "chudail" Shyra Gill.

Ranveer in his carefree mode after a series of serious performances delivers a power packed performance and being a blind fan, I missed this part of him. Vaani, in her second (is it?) film is so comfortable and camera friendly that by the end of the film, she had a fan in me. I would be frank here, no matter how blind a fan I am, I was very skeptical about the chemistry that they'll share but to me, they sizzled. Through the picturesque city of Paris, through dares they take their relationship forward.

Okay! I'll give in to this. The story was cliche and even predictable but to me if a story is predictable but still presented well enough, it works for me. It worked for me big time. If there's one thing that I have to mention that had me in the movie was the dance. Oh God the dance! Who knew they dance so well? I'm gonna watch all those videos again. And if I have to specially mention something then it has to be a 1 sec blink and miss of something that made my day. I'll leave it for the people who watch the movie to see and guess what it might be.

Vaani, in her emotional parts could have done better but Singh nails it. One look and his eyes do wonders. I can't still get over a few looks that he gave. The pain, I felt too watching him. Their clothes and look suited them so well. The songs, I am listening to even now. Entertainment to the brim, a paisa vasool movie.

The take back from the movie? Be carefree, love carefree, kiss carefree. Be befikre!

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