Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tale O'2 by Biranchi N Acharya: a review

Being a blogger myself, I have immense amount of respect for all other fellow bloggers. Irrespective of the genre they blog for and so when I heard about blogger Biranchi N Acharya coming out with his 2nd book, it had me straight away. I didn't know what to expect from the book but what I knew is that if not anything else, the viewpoints would be superbly expressed there. When I had the book Tale 0'12 in my hands, the first thing I did was turn to the blurb.

According to the blurb- Every life event is a story. In fact every moment of our life is part of a story being happened. We always ignore those because we think stories have no connection to real life happenings. But when we read stories or fictions suddenly we connect ourselves to the story line or some of the characters emotionally or otherwise. That's why stories always fascinate us, entertain us & give us some lessons of life. 'Tale O'12' is a collection of twelve stories inspired from real life events written in a fictional narrative. One would definitely connect to the characters of the stories someway or other because all the stories have something that's related to everyone's life.

Rightfully so. Every story that is mentioned in the book has something or the other that is taken from real life and there's another thing that is very much evident on reading the book is the fact that it is written by a blogger. I'll start with the cover of the book. I like the way the title of the book is written and even though in the long run you might get used to the color of the book, at first glance it is too much to take in. And yes, this color is surely one color that I am fond of.

I love the quality of the book. It feels great to hold and the pages are wonderful. The preface of the book gives in how this book took shape and it is good to read it from the author's point of view. The book consists of 12 stories. Each story has a very strong moral backing it up which makes for great reads. I liked the way those points have been turned into stories that appeal to the masses.

Among the points that has been talked about in the book you get politics, religion and a lot of topics in abundance. The narrative is strong and to the point and makes the impact much needed. With every story you would feel that the characters are around you and that is why you would be able to connect to them.

If I have to speak of the cons of the book then I have a lot to say. To begin with, every point of the book felt like it is written by a blogger and these stories make for super blog posts. There are errors in the book. Grammatical ones. The names of the characters seem out of place, a bit too fictional and the dialogues seem a bit too forced. If all these points can be forgiven, this is a really wonderful attempt and for me this is 3.25 out of 5 looking forward to a refined version of the book in the future and wishing luck to the author.

PS- This book is a part of the BlogAdda Book Reviews Programme.

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