Thursday, 8 September 2016

You Will Love Again by Dr. Shyam Bhat: a review

We all have suffered from heartbreaks once in our lives. It was that point of time when we did not know what to do or how to behave. We were clueless and at a moment we felt like we should give up our lives. The fighters in us made us deal with the pain and we mature. At times the maturity is only on the outside and we tend to become a different person altogether. Dr. Shyam Bhat, a psychiatrist, in his debut book “You will love again” shows us how to heal from heartbreak. As Dr. Bhat writes in the book, what more can it say than what you have been already told about? You need to read this book to know.

According to the blurb- A power packed book on love and heartbreak. Psychiatrist Dr. Shyam Bhat has seen heartbreak in countless people and he wondered: What is the strange nature of this experience that even the most rational mind cannot seem to change? This power packed book is a result of many years of research on love and heartbreak. It first looks at what happens to your body and your mind when you suffer from this trauma. Why does it hurt so much? How do you heal? How do you find love again? Heartbreak is an opportunity for you to learn to look within, and to discover your own greatness, strength, peace and happiness.

To begin with, I am a major fan of the quality of books Juggernaut brings forth to their readers. The books are not only good to hold but they are also good on their quality. The first non-fiction I am reading coming from them, I couldn’t help but be eager to see what the book had to offer. The cover is very attractive and for the people who do not know that it is a non-fiction self help book, they would surely mistake it for a chic-lit. I would say that this is a compliment because usually non-fiction books or self help books have covers that aren’t attractive but this one stands out of the crowd.

A very compact book, you might be having two thoughts about it but it is guaranteed that the introduction given by the author would bring you to buy the book at any cost. A very compact book but packed with much information- this is a must read for people who have suffered from heartbreaks and even for people who are single. Through this book you get to see the journey from how the butterflies of the stomach are real and so is the breaking of the heart (literally!). The fact that it is written in a very interesting way and is not boring, makes it all the more read-worthy.

I would come to how it is written. Precise chapters that explain the flow from what’s happening to your body and mind, why does it hurt so much, the five steps to healing and finally, feeling love again along with real life examples bring to you a wonderful book that would help you see heartbreaks and loneliness in a different way. This book tells you how the pain that you feel is real and how you might have all the symptoms but are unable to recognize them all.

At different parts of the book, you get to see the quizzes where the author has given marks which you can take to analyse where you stand at the meter and this would help you know yourself better. The author says that it is possible for you to not have any symptom yet feel the same. It is for us and our betterment that we understand and act upon it. Giving up is not an option. The five steps of healing and finally the feeling of love again. This book is not like any other self help book but is a very important guide book for everybody. You would get to know about pranayamas and even the type of diet that you should follow. Follow the book minutely and you would see that you would feel calmer.

Coming to the cons of the book, I personally couldn’t find any apart from the fact that the book is too crisp a read. For me, whenever I read a good book, I always feel like reading more of it and am a bit disappointed when I don’t get more. A must read book for every person who is suffering from a heartbreak or one who tends to be depressed and lonely. Also for people who are strong because this would help you to advice your other friends. I ended this book with a smile on my face and loads of lessons learnt. As Deepika Padukone has said for the book “I hope this book makes you live, love and laugh again!” I would like to give this book 4.25 out of 5.

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