Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hello, Old friend!

Hello, Old Friend

Kindergarten! That is when we first met, right? Going to school, sitting side by side, learning the very same things- there is one thing that is very common between all ‘old friends’ and that is the fact that the values they carry are the same. Why? Because we start our schooling together, grow up together, our teachers remain the same and we learn what they have to teach. Being girls, we even start menstruating together, exploring the unexplored world at the same time.

We have crushes together (and at times, even with the same person!). You know what my early images of us are? It was the time when we both (and of course all our other friends) used to role play as certain characters of TV serials and then act as them. I remember dancing with you on our annual cultural programme. I remember taking turns with you on the swing during the recess.

I still remember how we used to save money, sneak into the PCO’s and call up our crushes. Not letting them know we are on the other side. We fell in love, the first time together. Remember when I had my first fight with the new guy of our class? You stood by me and fought with him on my behalf. When our physics teacher used to swap seats during her class and incidentally we both were seated beside people who either we liked or who liked us and we used to sneak glances on each other throughout the class.

I would never forget those history classes we both forgot to study and we got punishments. When we used to cry as the other fell down, when we were taught that “stupid” was slang, when the whole class watched Baby’s Day Out together in the computer room. The pride in your eyes can never be forgotten when I was called in front to lead the assembly for the first time and the pride in mine, when you solved the mathematical equation before me.

Decades have passed and we still bond strongly. Passing on the stick of fag, gorging on the lip smacking phuchkas whenever any one of us has the urge to, discussing guys, using foul language, talking about booze, knowing when the other is sad- we do it all. You know the best part of being a real old friend? We are almost neighbours! We may not be much in touch these days. We may not even be the best of friends. But trust me dear, the moment you told me that you are getting married; I couldn’t stop the lone tear from escaping my eye. My chaddi-buddy has grown up! We all do, right?

I cry as I type this. Trust me this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Typing a letter to the old friend, reliving all those moments that we had left behind! We haven’t been in touch for the longest time and I am sure that after I left school, you have become closer to the other classmates we had. I talk to them too. But somewhere down the line I know. No matter how many friends we have made in all these years, our friendship will be one of the strongest. It is weird that the first ever friend that I had was a girl and I am still going so strong with her. So very contradicting of how many people might think of me right now! Rather, so very contradicting to the fact that I even have one true friend who I can wish friendship day and who, I am sure, will be one with my family to cry on my deathbed. I am glad. 

They say that any relationship that lasts more than 7 years would last a lifetime. 7 years? Bae, probably we have been friends since the time we took our first breath. You know me, nah? If I really start writing, I’ll keep on writing till the end of time and I will not stop. I have been so forever. And you must be shocked upon reading this because I am not a person who expresses her thoughts so easily. No, don’t cry as this is meant for you to smile. Smile as you remember the time when we used to make cards with our own hands and gift each other. 

Technology has evolved. Today there is no card but this open letter. For you and for all “old friends” out there who are reading this. To tell you how much you mean to me. This friendship day, I gift you my friendship! Thank you, for being my friend. Stay beautiful, stay blessed. Keep smiling and keep being my friend!


Bani! (The world might know me as Vanya now but for you, my Jigyasa, I’ll always be Bani! If you know what I mean!)

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  1. I can feel the strong friendship shared here,lovely write Vanya!

  2. Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :)