Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Paperback Dreams by Rahul Saini: a review

Two ‘men’ and one ‘kid’ on the front cover of bestselling author Rahul Saini's book Paperback Dreams having three different thoughts all at once attracts you to the book right away. One says “I have to find a story”, the other reads “How to be rich and famous” and another one thinks “Where are my royalties?” these three very different scenarios and characters are the first things you notice when you pick up the book, no doubt the title- Paperback Dreams acts as the cherry on the cake. The blurb gives a bit more details of their lifestyle...

According to the blurb- How low will you stoop to fulfil your dreams? Jeet Obiroi, a college Casanova, has published a book by unfair means. All he wants is to earn loads of money and have hot girls chasing after him! Rohit Sehdev, a one-book-popular- fiction writer, is furious when he finds out his publisher has cheated him out of his royalties. Karun Mukharjee is a highly ambitious schoolboy who wants to win the heart of his lady love by writing a novel. And he doesn’t mind playing dirty to get to the top! Ruthlessly exploiting these ambitious young men is their unscrupulous publisher. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, Paperback dreams is the story of a new breed of young writers who will do anything to get famous, fast.

First things first, why didn’t I read this author yet? He has a natural flair of writing which makes this book a breeze to read and that is not found in many authors these days. I was hooked to the book at the first chapter itself. Even though the cover of the book teamed up with the interesting blurb is enough to make the expectations high but being frank, I was a bit scared in the beginning because I wasn’t sure what I would encounter inside the book. And you know what happened once I started reading? I felt that this book, at this point of the publishing world, was a much needed one.

To speak of the characters, Rohit Sehdev, Jeet Obiroi and Karun Mukharjee were the characters (being an editor and reviewer) who I could see in front of me in the real world. I am sure that this book is purely fictional, though. The growth of these characters throughout the book is commendable and I loved the way the author has handled them all; especially owing to the fact that they are so different from each other yet so similar.

I loved the way the author has brought all the three characters together into one place seamlessly. It doesn’t look forced at all and I would complement the author on doing the same. Story wise, I wouldn’t call it perfect. Why? Because it is a trilogy and the story is incomplete and I am dying to read what happens next. That apart, the part that was in this book was really good. As I say, this book was a breeze to read. The book, even though 250 pages long, can be finished in just one sitting.

The incidents mentioned in the book were written with such brutal honesty that I couldn’t help but love the book. Yes, many people might not agree with even 0.001% of whatever is written in the book but some people might actually agree. But that remains a part of a debate no one wants to go into. The humorous way the book has been treated was the up-quotient of the book. I don’t think I have read any other book that has such things written in such an interesting way.

Speaking of the cons, apart from a few blink and miss grammatical errors I felt that there were a few parts which could have been polished a wee bit to give it a more refined take. Apart from that, as a reader I couldn’t find any other con in the book. For me, this book is 4.25 out of 5. I would wanna read the other two books of the trilogy to give full stars to the book.

PS- To the author- YOU ARE GOOD!!!

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