Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Forever in my heart by Arindam Dey: a review

Peace. That is the only word that comes out from my mouth whenever I see the cover of debut author Arindam Dey’s debut book Forever in my heart. Somewhere in the middle of all the jazzy covers that are in the market in today’s time, this cover catches a lot of attention and would make anyone pick up the book and go for the synopsis of the book. A very nice touch by the author by adding “a story of love...” before his name and a wonderful job by the publisher by making the book so good to hold. Nowhere in the physical appearance of the book feels like it is a debut book. This book would be, no doubt, in my most cherished books list. Not just because of the story but because of the fact that the whole book looks so pleasing. Kudos to the cover designer for the work.

According to the blurb- “The moment your hearts chose to love each other, you challenged destiny. And it came for you, just like it comes to measure anyone who chooses to love...” Eighteen years and an accident separated Saanjh from Rishav. When fate brings her back to him, she is confronted by an astute Josephine and her dire obsession to win Rishav at any cost. But is that all that’s keeping Rishav away from Saanjh? Or is there another shadow of fate lurking somewhere between them? Are divine plans really designed around the deepest desires of the human heart? How far can one go to resurrect one’s life, and seek redemption? When desire deceived love, the debt of a sin remained...

The book starts with a poem. And why not? I have read the author earlier and he surely is one of my favourite poets and the poems of this book are no less. The start of the book is wonderful to read and the expectations from the author keep rising as you keep turning the pages. The best part of the book is, in the beginning you really don’t know what you are holding in your hands and the quest of finding out the truth is beautiful.

To speak of the characters, Rishav and Saanjh, the male and female protagonists of the book are beautifully etched. From the introduction of the characters to how their story flows throughout the book is a beauty to read. You feel instantly connected to the book. There were a few more characters. Ankit, Josephine, Rishav’s mother and Nikita being the characters that supported the main protagonists throughout. Here I would like to take a moment and comment a bit on Josephine. You know why? Because she was my favourite character after Ankit and I, personally felt that the author could’ve done a lot with the character of Josephine but somehow restricted himself to just as much as it is written.

Coming to the story, it has a lot of layers yet it is a very clear story. Plot twists are there and so are lump in the throat moments. You flow through the story and there isn’t any moment where you are bored or you feel like keeping the book down. Throughout the book you are so engrossed in the book that you don’t feel like stopping but just as all good things need to have an end, the book also has an end and it is beautiful. The way the story has been attempted, coming from a debut author it surely is a very pleasant read. A book that stays with you.

Speaking of the cons, to begin with, I have mentioned the fact Josephine could’ve been much better in the book. Apart from that, I felt that after a certain point the story becomes a bit predictable. No, not the exact prediction but the way the story is going can be pointed. But I’m glad to also mention that it doesn’t affect the pleasure of reading in any way. Keeping these cons aside, the book was a wonderful read by a debut author and I would love to read more from Arindam (the expectations are rising!). For me, this book is 4 out of 5.

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