Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Love on 3 Wheels by Anurag Anand: a review

A bestselling author of 6 books, Anurag Anand has once again done his best in coming up with another beautiful book called Love on 3 wheels. Talking about the cover of this book, I would say that the cover speaks. But the catch here is, the cover speaks only after a person is done reading the book. Before that, the reader would have no idea on what the cover wants to say or the book has to offer. To add to the cherry on the cake, the back blurb of the book is written in a very unconventional way, as an introduction to the main characters of the book.

According to the back cover: - What happens when love and destiny come to loggerheads? Love on 3 wheels is a saga of love, lust, aspirations and trickery that unfolds over a period of three days, propelling those in its midst into an unmindful frenzy. Sargam- A young and ambitious girl misplaces a parcel purportedly containing a large amount of cash. This sets off a turn of events that are certain to leave their imprint on the lives of many. Sharib Sheikh- An auto rickshaw driver whose fault is that he fell in love with the wrong person at the wrong time. Dr. Abhigyan Kukreti- A prominent doctor who has more skeletons in his personal closet than a mid-size cemetery. Ameena- A simple village girl who, like Sharib, finds herself at the wrong end of love. Junaid- A swindler with his heart in the right place. A real love story that is bound to make your heart skip more than a beat!

As I had reviewed the birth of the Bastard Prince before this book, seeing the author’s tremendous effort to improve his work has impressed me a lot. Now, coming to the story, when you begin the book, you do not know what is to follow in the book and that is why you can read the book with a fresh mind and the twists and turns in the book surely will leave you at the edge of your seats.

The characters have been very well thought of and the interpretation that the author has done of the characters throughout the story is commendable. The way the characters have been linked and inter linked with each other is very beautifully done. The thing that struck me after I finished reading the book was the way it has been written. Crisp and in control of what is been written, I didn’t see a place where the book has been exaggerated.

Even the storyline is very crisp and short. In not so many books do we see that the storyline is that of just 3 days. But even though it is of 3 days, still, the author has managed to hold the interest of the reader from page1 to page 161. The relation with reality that the author has maintained, not sugarcoating or fictionalizing much scenes and keeping it just as it is in the real world is something that is worth noticing in the book.

Coming to the cons of the book, even though it is a crisp and short book of perfectly written and crafted story, at a few parts, I felt, that the book contained a few articulated words which seemed out of place. According to me, the author could’ve replaced those words with simpler words and then the book would’ve been perfect. Those articulated words, instead of giving the book much depth, make the reader stop, re-read and then understand what has been written.

Apart from this, the end was a very ‘real’ one, with which the reader would feel satisfied with the book and also make the readers think about the final ending line of the book. A book with a moral, I would recommend this book to every reader who wants to read something other than the clich├ęd romantic love-stories in the market, close to real life by giving this book 4.5 out of 5.


  1. I have been reading. You are doing great. Keep it up.

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