Sunday, 5 July 2015

Nights in Pink Satin by Anita Shirodkar: a review

Anita Shirodkar and her writings have been in my mind since I had read her debut book- Secrets and second chances. Her style of writing is usually very normal but her way of expression is something that I look forward to always. The cover of the book, as usually is ‘deep’ in its meaning and connected to the storyline. The best part of the girl in the cover of the book is the eyes and the way the picture of the girl has been utilized in the front cover of the book. The title of the book, Nights in Pink Satin only is the cherry on the cake of the whole package of the book.

According to the blurb: What happens when a heartbroken newly-wed girl writes an erotic, sexually-charged story based on a cougar she knows? Simran Dandekar, the pretty daughter of a rich construction magnate from Nagpur, marries Siddharth, the good looking scion of the Mumbai based Raichand family, only to find out that her marriage is nothing more than a financial transaction, her husband is still not over his last heart and that the high society Mumbai which she has married into is a cesspool of extramarital affairs and torrid sexual encounters! Not one to shy away from taking inspiration when and where she finds It, Simran soon writes a spectacular tale of love and lust, even as she struggles hard to find both in her married life. But the things spiral out of control when the anonymously published risqué potboiler becomes an instant best seller. Just as her relationship with her husband begins to bloom, the controversial ‘Nights in Pink Satin’ threatens to bring her down! Will Simran’s literary aspirations bring her rewards, or bring her into disaster zone? Join Simran in Nights in Pink Satin, a warm, colorful story set in Mumbai’s high society with entirely believable characters.

When I started this book, I had huge expectations. If not from the plot, then at least from the authoress. Having read her debut work, I knew that what she knows is just a nutshell of what she is to offer. This book is no less. From the first page to the last she has her readers engrossed in the book. The way the characters have been explained to the way the whole story has been handled, the flair of writing that the authoress has is worth a mention.

If someone asks me what the best part of the book is according to me, then I guess I would mention the fact that the way the story has been put in front of the readers is the biggest plus point of the book. It surely can make anyone feel and relate the storyline and its situations to the authoress herself and that feeling of ‘knowing-ness’ is something that adds up to the feel good factor of the book.

As far as the errors of the book are concerned, I didn’t find much error. Only the fact that this book can be mistook as any other mills and boon story takes this book a little notch lower. Apart from that, there are a few characters of the book that come and go without much do and without any trace and reason. If only the authoress would’ve done a bit more research on that and another round of proofreading would’ve done the trick. All in all, a wonderful one time read, I would give it 4.2 out of 5. And, I must say, this subtle hint of erotica is a must read for ever teenager.

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