Friday, 10 July 2015

A honey diet makes for a healthy living

The mantra of today’s time is something we all should follow and we do follow- Money is honey! Yes, I know it is a much exaggerated version of the real life thing that is going on but this is the truth. Money is surely honey but do you know that it is the same vice versa? Honey is money too. Let me tell you a real life story of mine which will make you understand why I say that honey is money too.

I am a working lady. My work timings are usually 10 AM to 7 PM and after that, I also overtime till 9 PM every day. After I come back home at around 10 PM, trust me, I don’t have any energy left in myself to take care of my body and health. In the morning, I usually wake up at 6 AM and do my household chores and then leave for work by 9 AM. In this way, the 24 hours of my life passes. I am one person who has always been known for being efficient in whatever she does and I am never late. Punctuality, efficiency, effectiveness being my middle names.

My work also includes a lot of statistics and data and thus, I have always been known as the to-go person whenever any kind of data or statistics is involved. There was this one day when I had a meeting to attend but I was so sick due to the late night workings I had done and by not taking care of my body and health that I couldn’t get up from the bed only. I had instructed my assistant to go about the meeting and give my proxy but it was then I realized that the importance of taking care of the health is utmost important.

In the beginning days, when I took the vow that I will take care of myself first and then work, I was very confused on how to go about taking care of myself. I had seen my friends failing numerous crash diets and I didn’t want to be like them. It was then that my mother suggested me an awesome cure about it. Guess what was it? Honey! She told me that honey is the solution to all my problems.

Having my doubts on that, I started having honey on a regular basis. I started with having warm water with honey every day with a dash of lemon in the morning. Then I substituted sugar in my tea with honey. Believe it or not, it actually worked. I started feeling refreshed and could carry on throughout the day without slumping or being tired. Today, I do not miss a single meeting and I do not feel sick also. This is how I got to know that Honey is Money too. I would suggest everyone to follow the Honey diet and lead a healthy life.

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