Monday, 2 March 2015

The dreamer by Vivek Jain: a review

A wonderful blue background with a guy spreading his arms wide for the girl of his dreams- the cover of debut book “The dreamer” an unpredictable lover that couldn’t say anything by Vivek Jain is just that and much more. Where the cover remains such that can be lost in the numerous other novels of the genre, the blurb does its best as a pro for the book. The blurb is surely something that can entice readers to read the book at one go ever thinking about how the story will turn out to be till the end.

According to the blurb- Love does not mean having your mate on your side or does it? Can a guy love a girl in such an unpredictable way that she becomes his soul? Are all these ancient love stories like Romeo and Juliet fake? And if it is not, then can this kind of love happen in today’s generation? Vivek is a guy with a slight scientific bent of mind, who always tries to perform experiments related to various fields of science. At a school function, he meets a girl Shruti, who becomes his addiction… his princess, his angel…Goddess… the reason for his existence. He falls in love with her at first sight… handing over his entire life into her hands… Somehow, Vivek manages to speak to Shruti… then follows an addiction about her… a madness that knows no end. To prove his love for her, he designs a telescope to impress her. But four years later, a tragic change of fate enters their life. Shruti turns volte-face and refuses to even recognize or acknowledge Vivek. What is this story all about? Is destiny playing a game with Vivek? Or is Shruti playing a game with him? Or is there another angle? How will this love story end? Will Vivek win over Shruti… or will it remain an unfulfilled dream forever?

As far as the reality fiction is considered, the book can captivate the readers. But we cannot ignore the few places where the book seemed too over-hyped to be a reality fiction. The characters used in the book were real and that shows. Coming to the story, it was nice and the way it had been presented was also nice. It managed to keep the flow going at a pace of its own.

But I would’ve appreciated it more if the narrating style would’ve been a bit better than what it is now. The characters of the story come to life with the words of the author. Every character has a well defined personality and every character has a closure of its kind. The main protagonists of the story have been well maintained throughout the book giving the book its much needed essence.

For the cons I would like to say that the story could’ve been written in a more captivating way. The way it is now seems like it has been written for teenagers who are more into chick-lits. The book is not for the people who want to read a proper romance. The language in which the book is written is too over-bearing at parts. But I can’t ignore the moments where the book speaks a lot. I feel a much better edited version of the book could’ve been presented to the readers. For me, a onetime read; I would like to rate it 2.5 out of 5.

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