Saturday, 14 March 2015

The day that changed the course of my dreams!

In the world where living a life all alone is as tough as living with other people, all we need is someone or something pushing us towards a more optimistic life when all things fail. I am glad to have a few very treasured people in my life who tend to push me towards positivity and goodness whenever I lose hope. One such person is my fiancée. I am glad to say that I have got the best. The man in my life, though being a man of a few words, can fill my life with positivity and hope.

There was one such situation that brought us together and I can never forget that day. It was the day when I wanted to share my heart out to him. I wanted to tell him about my future about what kind of a future do I envision. I knew, after a much heated debate with myself that the kind of future I want wouldn’t actually be the perfect future one envisions for a partner or for a daughter but then I knew that I could never do something that I don’t want to or rather won’t be able to. So, gathering all those thoughts inside my mind and finding a reasonable moment to say, I gave my heart out to him.

I told him about what I want to do, what the situation is and what I am expected to do. I told him what I want to quit and what I always wanted to do. There is no doubt about the fact that I was damn scared when I was saying all this. But the fact that all this was on the phone actually helped. After I was done telling him everything, all he asked for was 20 minutes to call me back. I disconnected the line and was crying my heart out in the comfort of my home. I was scared as to what would happen.

But just then I got a call from him asking me to come down. It was 9o’clock at night and I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that he is in front of my house. The 17kms that distanced our houses was covered in just a matter of 15 minutes and he was there. As I went down and I saw him standing there, I couldn’t resist myself and I went on to hug him. He whispered in my ear “I love you” and at that moment that was all I needed. We found a place to sit in the nearby locality and as he held my hand tightly, he explained to me the pros and cons of every step I want to take.

Along with that, he also told me that he is there beside me in every step of my life that I take. I was really scared to what my mothers’ reaction would be when I will tell her about all this but he cooled me down and told me to go about this slowly. He even assured me that he will talk to my mum regarding all this. That was the perfect motivation and strength that I needed at that moment. I couldn’t stop the tears of happiness that were shedding from my eyes. That moment of relief had it all, the passion for my dream and the love of my fiancée. I was surprised to see that even then he hadn’t forgotten to bring me my favorite chocolates to cheer me up. As I went up to my room and he went back to his home, I was comparatively calmer. After dinner, I told my mother everything and even she was calm and she understood.

Today, as I sit here and recall the incident; I know. If that day, the man of my life wouldn’t have been there, I wouldn’t have been able to follow my dreams the way I am today. Such moments, with near and dear ones fill your life with positivity and happiness when you need them the most. I am really glad; I have not one but many such people in my life.

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