Thursday, 5 March 2015

Positivity still reigns!

If we look into the dictionary and search for the meaning of ‘Optimism’ we usually get an idea of what it is. The idea of looking on to the more favorable side of events or conditions is the basic definition of the word. But to think of it, how many of us are actually optimistic when situations come? How do we see the glass at a glance? Half full or half empty? It might be any of the two, but the hope of positivity is something that gives a meaning to our lives and fills our heart with happiness. Among the many other stories I have, there is one favorite incident of mine that I want to recall but before that, I would like to thank IndiBlogger for bringing forth this wonderful topic to write upon and giving us all a chance to tell our story to the world.

Today, when we see the world around us, we see loads of mishaps happening. Incidents starting from rapes of women of all ages to road accidents and many more are coming into view like hot cakes. We, the citizens, sit back home and probably do nothing other than discussing what others should do and what they should not. We think of not letting the women of our lives go out late at night and impose certain rules on them. But do we ever think about the victims? How they are coping up? What should we do to avoid these things rather than suffocating the women of our family at home? The answer is NO!

One day, a group of friends were discussing about the issue. They were all trained in martial arts. They wanted to do something for the women of our society. If not anything drastic, they wanted at least to arm the women of their safety when they are out of their homes but they didn’t know what to do. They knew, the pessimistic world wouldn’t allow them to do anything. But they believed in finding positivity among all the negativities surrounding the environment. They wanted to break the shackles of pessimism. They planned on moving ahead with the plan they had made and visited each and every household of the neighborhood so that they allow the women of their family to join the self defense class they have started.

No one allowed the women of their family to join. You know the reason why? The founders of the class were boys! Days passed by but their classes weren’t getting any students. They were starting to give up when one day a girl went on to them and asked them to give her classes. As they started giving her the self defense classes, many more women of the area started to open up and come forward for the classes. Slowly, word spread out and today, there are almost 50 women and girls of all ages who come in batches and learn self-defense. They have their branches in many places and they plan to expand too. The charge is free, allowing women from all kinds of households to join the classes.

A few days back, when I accidentally met one of the founders in an event and talked to him about the whole scenario and the things they are doing, I felt that positivity still reigns. Optimism is the key to a wonderful future ahead!


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