Sunday, 8 February 2015

Six inches are enough on heels... not in bed by Mehak Budhrani- a review

A debut book is mostly about how intriguing everything is. Since the first impression is the last impression, starting from the cover of the book, to the blurb and finally the writing and story everything should be done to their best. Mehak Budhrani has done her best in making the cover interesting and it has done its best to make the mark. Six inches are enough on heels… not in bed!! Yes, the book is exactly about what you are thinking it to be. The book has explored relationships on a whole new basis altogether, the basis of physical needs and before going to the blurb, I would love to congratulate the authoress on this brave attempt for the debut book.

According to the blurb- After her first ever heartbreak, Mia decides to analyze relationships and mend broken ones. Whenever her friends Kimaya, Mrinal, Neha and Uday have problems, she is the first one they call to discuss their problems. Even though she has never had the perfect relationship, she decides not to give up on love. But at an age where hormones are running high and emotions are on a low, lust takes over love. From issues such as not having a place to make out and under-sized vibrators, Mia finds that couples are getting even more complicated in the new age Indian society. Even though Mia finds Viren, a close to perfect guy, he gets addicted to gambling and loses interest in her. Mia finds herself without love all over again. All her best friends move on and are entering the phase of marriage except for her. She is still 26, single and lonely.

The story of Mia aka Meow is one such story that can be found in every second girl of the city. It’s about love, about friendship, relationships and above all, sex. I use the word sex because it is exactly what is given in the book. The book is a diary that brings in the best in a relationship of every girl and boy alike. The tempting title of the book made me read it in one go. I couldn’t get enough of the book at one point of time. The good to hold size of the book and the text size also comes as added attributes to the book.

Mia, Mrinal, Uday, Neha and Kimaya; all of them has different characteristics and so does the other characters of the book but the authoress has done her best in defining all the characters equally and wonderfully. It isn’t much hard on understanding the traits of the characters. Every character is drawn from real life and we all find one such character in our real life. Another very important character of the book is Mia’s Maya which plays a very important role in the book.

I would like to congratulate the authoress on choosing such a new plot for writing and that too such a challenging thing to write for the debut book. The book might seem to be an erotica at first, but the book is anything but erotica. Exploring the different viewpoints of relationships is given by the book. Though, at points of the book, the book seems to be more of a diary and people might not always agree to the points given in the book still it can’t be resisted specially by girls.

For me, all in all, the book is quite satisfying but a few grammatical errors here and there were spotted. We can’t help ignoring the fact that the book is very much for girls and boys might find the book a bit boring. I would’ve loved it more if the book would’ve been written in a more quirky way. The base story of the book was also very predictable at the end. Waiting for more from the authoress, I would rate the book 3 out of 5.


  1. Thank you so much for lifting my spirit. Thank you for the amazing review. God bless.

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