Sunday, 1 February 2015

I would always prefer chatting over a phone call!

New in the city? Transfer from work? No budget to buy new things to set up your home? has taken care of these problems for a long time since its inception. In today’s time, has become one of the most used sites where one can sell and buy items of their choice. Not only that, you have a valley of options to choose from and you can also take anything for rent. Real estate, gadgets, appliances etc are something’s that are very common to the site.

Even after all these pros of the site, there is one thing that is a very big con of the site. The con is that all the communications that has to be done for buying, selling or renting items from the site has to be done through phone calls. This problem has been there with the site for a long time. People don’t have enough time or the facility of talking any time over phone to negotiate deals and that’s why the complaints have been ticking in. To solve this problem, as a remedy, has come up with Quikr Nxt. This service is more like an application that is available under all platforms. The service is a sigh of relief for all the sellers and buyers at

The biggest facility that Quikr Nxt gives is that all the communications that has to be done with the prospective sellers or buyers can be done through chats. I personally have used the facility and am very satisfied with it. I would always prefer a chat over a phone call for many reasons.

1)      With respect to the field I am in, I am mostly outside or in different meeting where attending a phone call is something that I can’t do all the time. It is not possible. It might be that I am outside or maybe in a very important meeting or doing a work or may be sleeping and then a call comes. It is sure to say that I won’t be able to receive the call or calls which can make me lose the confidence of the buyer and I might not be contacted again. To solve this, chats are way better where we can talk anytime without any disturbance to the situation I am in or to the buyer.

2)      There are many moments where the prospective buyer wants to see the pictures of the product I am supposed to sell and its features via a photo but the e-mail is not accessible every time. For such moments, Quikr Nxt’s application has a photo sharing feature which allows us to share the photos in a jiffy within the chat and that doesn’t even waste time.

3)      For the last reason I would prefer chat over a phone call is that, I am very forgetfull by nature. My scheduler is something that I look forward to whenever it comes to meetings and other important schedules. Among those important schedules and the numerous calls, it is almost impossible to jot down the important points given by the prospective buyer and what I have told to whom. The chat feature of Quikr Nxt is one feature that helps me revisit the chat history anytime for different buyers so that I can anytime know what has been told to whom without much hassle.

Apart from these, there are many more such reasons on why I would prefer chat over a phone call. All thanks to Quikr Nxt for coming up with such a feature for all the users. I would like to recommend the same for every perspective buyer and seller out there.

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