Saturday, 29 November 2014

Travelling Light by Suma Varughese: a review

The first thing that attracted me towards the book and which I am sure will attract all readers is the color used in the cover, the flawless color and the title of the book. More than the title I felt the sub-title caught my eye and stayed in my heart for a long time and then I knew that no matter what I had to read the book. The presentation of the book was wonderfully done which left me spellbound for a long time. A book on spirituality is something that we do not find much in these days and with this book in the market I am sure readers are going to have a great time. Suma Varughese’s Travelling Light surely is a wonder read.

Before starting with the review of the book, I want to say a few words on Suma Varughese, the authoress. Well, to be frank I am a fan of the Life Positive magazine and have always been a follower of the magazine so when I got the chance to review the book, I couldn’t have been happier. A wonderful writer who writes on incidents based on her own life gives this book a magic touch. Spirituality has surely found a new meaning in her writings and one can’t stop himself/herself from being spiritually uplifted.

The book, in a greater division has been divided into three aspects. Three very important aspects of a person’s life Self, Reflections and Society. Quoting a ling from each would be very difficult so I would better proceed with just telling what I felt. To be frank, I read the book when was going through a low phase and this book has surely given me the upliftment I felt was necessary at that moment. Through every column I am sure every reader could correlate themselves and understand what the authoress has tried to tell them and that is an achievement of its own.

For the flaws, I would say that a few errors here and there were spotted throughout the book, which due to the flawless writing style could be overlooked. Apart from that, I felt that a bit more descriptions could’ve made this book a wonder book. Since it is in a book form, a bit details and a tad more improvement in the way of writing could’ve taken it to a whole new level altogether. I would like to tell all he readers out there that once you are done with the book, I am sure you are going to subscribe to the magazine and become a regular follower. For me, as of now, the book is 4.25 out of 5 waiting for more.


  1. Hey Sharanya, I think i sent this book to you, couple of months back ;) but thanks much for your review.

    1. Hello!! Yes! I guess u had sent me the book either on September and or October beginning and then only I had said that will put up the review in November!! I was done with the book but prior commitments kept me from uploading it!! :-) nonetheless, I kept my word. Today's November!! :-) anyways, the book was a wonder to read! Waiting for more such books!

    2. I sent this in August :) but its ok. will send you more. Its really a good review.

    3. Oh really? I am really sorry then! :-) august was a very busy time because I was out of work for two months prior to that! :-) thank you so much for liking it! Would love to read more