Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Red Seeps by Sadia Riaz Sehole: a review

‘Droplets of Doubt, Destiny and Devotion in verse’ are the words that would catch your eyes at first glance of Sadia Riaz Sehole’s debut book Red Seeps! Well yes, you guessed it correctly! A poetry book it surely is. An Oyster resting on sand with a beautiful pearl inside it defines how tenderly the poetess has framed the book, writing each word with utmost precision and love.

When you open the book I am sure you are in for surprises. Normally, it is not common to read the acknowledgement section of the book but before reading the actual book, I would suggest you all to read the foreword, acknowledgement to have the feeling of the book from the beginning. When I first picked the book, I had very less expectations. I didn’t know what to expect from the book but when I flipped through the pages, I knew, I am reading the perfect book.

For a poem lover like me, it was a complete surprise package. The best part about the book that I liked too much were the pictures and paintings added in the book with every poem. Every verse seemed soothing to the ears. I have a habit of reading poems aloud whenever I read them to feel the essence and this book was something that I can read and re-read many times.

I would like to appreciate the poetess for not choosing a single style to write on. The poems ranged from a four line one to a two page one. Ranging from different varieties and different styles, the poetess has made this book feel like the work of a professional writers work. I would also like to clap for the illustrator because the illustrations were mesmerizing and it added up to the best parts of the book as a whole.

Coming to the poems, I felt that the titles to every poem have been well thought of, giving the poems a very artistic feel. Apart from that, the words used in the poems were also given a very deep thought of. No unnecessary words, no stretching of parts. Precise, sober and heart touching poems. To point out the flaws, I might say that out of the many, a few could’ve been written in a better way. 

Moreover, the cover could’ve been done in an even better way as the illustrations inside the book has been.

There were many poems which caught my heart. But I would like to quote the poetess here with a poem of hers…

“Every path that I tread
Leads back to you.
Yet I must walk on
For you are the journey, too!”

Expecting and waiting for more and more books from the poetess! Wishing the poetess huge luck for her upcoming endeavors. This book deserves 4.5 out of 5.

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