Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Tug of War by Yashika Nayyar: a review

Tug of war, ever played? It’s a very simple game. Two or more people holds two ends of a rope and each of them have to pull the rope their side. The first one who manages to pull the other one out of the middle mark is the winner. Simple isn’t it? Now, do you know that life plays a tug of war with us too? Yashika Nayyar, in her debut book A Tug of War has portrayed exactly that in a wonderful way.

The intricate portrayal of life through words is surely a very tough job to do but the authoress has done a very well job in doing so. First of all, when I held the book in my hands I didn’t have any kind of expectations from the book. Then when I started the book, I took it to be a novel. But as I kept on flipping the pages I could understand what actually the book is about. Not a fiction, not a non-fiction. This book is about life.

Divided into 5 vast divisions telling a story each in them along with a few subdivisions in them, this book is surely one worth reading. I particularly liked the way the authoress has been so straightforward in taking up such a topic to write in for her debut novel when she could’ve easily chosen a tried and tested genre of today’s’ market. The characters of the different stories are very realistic and give in a very real effect to the readers.

Coming to the hitches of the book, I want to say that I felt that the book could’ve been written in an even better way. The narration was smooth but a different version of narrative could’ve made this book stronger than it already is. There were a few grammatical errors here and there which made this book a bit slow to read at places. Apart from all these hitches, I would’ve loved a vaster version of the book.

For a debut book choosing such a topic was a very bold decision and I give a thumbs up to the authoress for penning down such a wonderful book. Such a thought enriching book is hard to find and I am sure this book can teach a lot to its readers about life and more. For me, this book would be a 3.5 out of 5 waiting for more to come from the authoress on this topic and on many more.

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