Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home

I kept on thinking and thinking. I didn’t know which incident I shall write about. I didn’t know how to write about it. And then finally I got a chance. Indi Blogger Happy Hours has given me a chance of coming out of the confines of my confidante and expressing my feelings to the whole world. The feelings of holding a new born baby in my arms, the feeling of seeing the baby grow up to be a fine gentleman. The baby I am talking about here is the son of my cousin sister, my nephew! To be frank, he is the first kiddo of our family after me and we have a huge age difference. More of a son-figure to me, he is one gem of my life.

His birth brought with himself loads of memories, loads of love, laughter, happiness. One of the most loved, pampered boy he is. Whenever he comes around, all we see is laughter, fun going around. One bolt of fresh air he is. Ultra talkative, he can’t even sit quietly for a sec at one place. Such a boy he is. He is learning to write, going to school and he always has a bunch of stories to tell to everyone around him.

Even the quietest of the quiet lot of kids become notorious when he is around. When he goes back home from our place, his laughter echoes through the corridor of the rooms. Our mostly quiet home again becomes quiet. One day, he was scolded a lot for being notorious when a serious discussion was going on and tears welled up in his eyes; and witnessing that scene everyone had wet eyes. Our gem was upset.

One day, he scratched me hard and I shouted in pain. I didn’t scold him but all people around me scolded him a lot for scratching me, he started crying and guess what? All his demand was that he wanted to come to me. I was quite upset that day because of people scolding him and I closed the door of my room and was sitting alone. Suddenly I felt someone tugging at my feet, I realized it was him with a plate of food (he was only 2years old then). I pulled him up to the bed. All he did was he took the food and tried feeding me. Trust me, as I type this today, around 2years have passed of that incident, but I still have tears in my eyes. I had hugged him tight that day.

Once I heard that he was not well. For time constraints, I couldn’t go and meet him but when after few days he came to my place with my sister and I saw him; he looked really sick. He had fever. He had gone thin. The laughter and smiles that used to be there when he came were no longer that day. I tried cracking jokes, playing with him but all I was getting was frail attempts from his end. I couldn’t see him like that anymore. All the smiles were gone, all the laughter had vanished. I cried to sleep that night.

A few days had passed when my mom called up my sister to know about their whereabouts and I could hear him shouting my name from there. We all were so relieved. Next time when he came to my place, everything was back to normal. Everything was just as it always was and I couldn’t have been much happier.

This incident and a few more of them make me think and feel yet again that yes, a healthy child surely makes a happy home!