Thursday, 16 October 2014

An Ideal Wife by Sanjay Grover: a review

The cover depicting the ‘Ideal Wife’ is truly an attention seeker! It has been really a long time since I have read a book which is recommended by and as it has such a recommendation, it surely and easily becomes a grabber for the readers of all age groups, especially teenagers!! Did I mention about the last line of the blurb? It says- You can’t blame the author if you get married after reading the book! Now what say? Ain’t it a good grab?

The back cover says- An Ideal Wife… Beware what you wish for! What happens when the technology savvy Dwarf God, once the driver of the Biggest God in Heaven, sets out to find an Ideal Wife for a man on earth? Seems like a simple thing for a god to handle, right? But here is the catch- God has never created a girl with all the qualities this man, Sameer, wants in his Ideal Wife. And now, to make matters worse, Dwarf God has to do it without using his divine powers. Will He be able to find the girl? Will she be an Ideal Wife for Sameer?

It’s interesting to see a debut author taking up such a topic to write upon! An interestingly chosen plot and an even interestingly written narrative gives this book it’s much needed feel. To think upon it, I loved the way the book has been presented. With the easy to read font and good paper quality, I also liked the way the chapter names have been given and written in a very cute font.

The story was a very new one. One of the technology savvy Dwarf Gods descend to Earth (Mrytyulok as described in the book) as a human to find an Ideal Wife for his biggest follower promising him the best before thinking a sec about the circumstances one might face when such happens.

The endeavor described in the book was very wonderful to read and it would keep a smile pasted on the lips of every reader while reading the book. The one-liners used in the book and the way they have been written give a very positive vibe about the book.

How the God finds the Ideal Wife for Sameer and what happens after that is something one must look forward to while reading the book. It teaches us a very nice moral in the end. I also liked the characterizations of the book while had a very realistic feel to itself.

Apart from the fact that the story was a very interesting one, there was something amiss. A very life-changing impact in the story was missing making it a light read. Though there were hardly any grammatical errors in the book, I felt that a bit articulated version of the book would’ve given it’s readers a whole new and a better time while reading it. Considering the fact that it is the work of a debut author, the preface supporting the thing made one like the book as a onetime read. I would like to rate it 3.75 out of 5 (only because I felt something amiss) waiting for more from the author.

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