Friday, 5 September 2014

Obstinacy The Dauntless Chase by Dhishna: a review

I believe, this is one book; which I read after a long time and which brought tears not only in my eyes but in my heart. Firstly, when I saw the name of the story, I was a bit confused and I didn’t know what to expect from the book but when I turned its pages, it was a wonder to read.

I loved the cover of the book which gives the book a very ‘classy’ effect, turning heads of the readers towards itself. What I believe is that, the authoress has done total justice to the title of the book with such an attractive cover.

 Dhishna Radhay, in her debut work has very successfully brought to life the character of Cléopâtre. In the society, that we live in; it’s been great to read about such a strong willed character, who despite fighting throughout her life emerges as a winner in the end.

The character gives us an inspiration to fight for our rights and not suffer mute. I also liked the narrating style of the authoress who was able to convey all the feelings with words chosen much carefully, making it a very easy to read novel.

About the story; Cléopâtre had to suffer loads in her life, from being hit by her husband to being a mother of a fatherless child and raising him to the best of her capabilities. Managing professional and personal life together is not an easy job, but she did it and that is what makes Cléopâtre a wonderful person to read about.

There is a dire need of women like Cléopâtre in the world that we live in. Not about the sufferings, but about the way the woman can learn to make her own decisions and not be dependent on others.  Parents like that of Cléopâtre is also needed for survival.

The way the story went on from the beginning till the end was very measured and the fact that the story didn't consist of much characters and a big time frame; made it all the more interesting. I liked Stevie’s character a lot too.

As for the drawbacks, I think that if the descriptions would’ve been a bit more and the book would’ve been a bit bigger than what it actually is; it would’ve been really good. Apart from that, a few errors here and there were spotted.

But the end, I am sure will make all the readers forget all the errors and make them give this book flying colors. For me, I would rate it 4 on 5; waiting to read more from the authoress.

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