Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Re-doing my home and Re-defining my life ...!!

It’s another Sunday, holding my favorite cup of coffee and Paulo Coelho resting peacefully beside me; I think of the world. The never stopping, ever running world. The internet has become a source of news, a source of knowing the well being of loved ones and to know such, I start surfing through the internet, while doing so, I stumbled upon BlogAdda, who took an initiative of giving us a chance to re-do our house the way we want to. Well, I call it re-doing because I feel that at least writing can be an initiative to do something. I have very recently re-colored my home; it’s in a very light cream color now and with that color, the best way to re-do my home was to add a trace of Ethnicity in it!

I want it in the ethnic way, cause I believe Ethnicity defines me. I am what my friends call a jhalli who doesn’t care about the world and does what she feels. A dash of color is my type. Since I am also into books, being an editor and reviewer by profession, I always want a whole room full of books, my personalized library. As my mom, doesn’t allow me for using up a room for it, the best thing I could use is this wonderful Shelf. A corner shelf in wooden colors, which would help bring all my favorite books at one place, matching with the colors of the walls of my home, giving it a bright yet subtle look.

Another thing I am very fond of is preserving memories. I love clicking pictures (selfies..? well that too) of people, places, events, get-togethers. I love being clicked too. I believe, in the rollercoaster named life, one moves ahead of everything and has nothing to turn back and look at. So as to not regret any moment, not forget any moment, I love capturing it in my camera. Along with a room full of books, I also want a wall full of pictures.

Pictures, defining me; the people close to me, the moments I enjoyed the most with my favorite people or at least group pictures. Photo Frames being the most needed thing in such cases. This particular wall hanging picture frame cause it is eye grabbing, it has place for my favorite people together. It speaks what my heart speaks. No, I am not mad that I am listening to words being spoken from photo frames, but this one appeals me. A family pic and a pic with my friends and my love will surely accentuate the flavor of this particular one.

You must have noticed that just a few moments back, I have termed life as a roller coaster ride. Well, in the time when we can’t afford to sit down comfortably for some time, where we aren’t able to cope up with time, where every second is costly, and we even don’t want to compromise with our personal time, I fell in love with this particular clock. It is, according to me, the best way to remind people, that Time is Money.
A table clock with the National Emblem and the INR sign on it, just defines what has life become now a days. It does so many things, at one place. It shows us the time, it brings upon us the sense of patriotism whenever we look at it and it also shows us that along with time and patriotism, money is a very important factor. One on my desk would surely be a motivating thing for me and I am sure, for everyone who will see it sitting there, with pride.

I am sure you all might think that my choice is ‘ajeeb’ maybe, but trust me; all these things, means a lot to me and I bet to you all too. These stuff, in my home will not only motivate me to move on, it will not only give me the sense of love; it will also give me a sense of being cozy around my loved ones; a sense of being looked after them; watched by them; blessed by them. It will give me the power to work on; it will give me the happiness that everyone seeks.

To end it, I would like to thank BlogAdda, for this wonderful opportunity that you gave me to write about how to make my house a home. And as I post this for you to read, my dear readers… Allow me, to go back… to the world of books!!

 PS- This post is a part of Makemyhome activity at BlogAdda.com

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