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“More than the deal the feeling of seeing your name on the spine of the book is euphoric”, says Vikrant Khanna, a best-selling author in a conversation with Vanya’s Notebook.

Vikrant Khanna, a merchant navy Captain is an author of three books. For this merchant navy Captain, just as the ship leaves the port and sets to sail, he feels like he has touched the deep waters of his creative being. So far he has written from the seas (while on board), but in his latest book “Love Lasts Forever", for the first time he writes about the sea. Read on to find more about this ‘Sailing Author’ and his tryst on the sea…

Vanya’s Notebook- Can you take us back to those days when you thought of writing a novel?
Vikrant-- Being a sailor, I have all the time in the world, both literally and metaphorically. Once during a long voyage crossing the Pacific, I thought of giving a shot at writing, since I have always admired the art of good storytelling. The first draft of my first book was completed in that one month voyage. That is what fuelled my interest in writing. But those days I never thought of getting the book published, it just happened!

Vanya’s Notebook- What was your feeling when you signed a book deal?
Vikrant-- Marvelous. More than the deal, the feeling of seeing your name on the spine of the book is euphoric.

Vanya’s Notebook- Why should one read your book? Anything that you want to tell a potential reader that the blurb of “Love lasts forever” doesn’t tell him/her?
Vikrant-- One should read the book because it offers an unique and different story line. It’s a love story at its heart with the piracy element interspersed with it making it an engrossing and exciting read. 

Vanya’s Notebook- Everyone wants to tell a story, but rarely do people start writing. Can you tell us how difficult it is to write the first book?

Vikrant-- Writing a book is a lot of hard work. What I tell young writers is you should write a story not because you want to, but because you have to. And then just keep at it, don’t stop, the characters will guide you.

Vanya’s Notebook- Any issue regarding Indian publishing or readership which you strongly feel about and why?
Vikrant-- The Indian publishing industry still needs to open to varied genres as in the West like fantasy, horror, paranormal romance, etc.

      Vanya’s Notebook- How do you feel about the response that the book has generated? Satisfied? Or could have been better?
Vikrant-- I get a lot of mails and messages from my readers and there is a common thread running in all of it – “You’ve given love and relationships a new meaning.”
That sort of a response is very overwhelming. So, coming back to your question, yes, I’m satisfied.

     Vanya’s Notebook- Who was your inspiration in this writing journey?
Vikrant-- Has to be Agatha Christie for writing extraordinary stories in the most ordinary way.

    Vanya’s Notebook- Amidst all those positive replies and fan mails all throughout the days when your first book was being appreciated, was there any bit of advice that you got from anyone, for your work, which you have emulated thereafter?
Vikrant-- A good advice was to ensure any character in the book, howsoever insignificant, shouldn’t be superficial.

         Vanya’s Notebook- Can you give us a little sneak peak of your upcoming books? What are you been working on?
Vikrant-- It’s a YA romance set in Shimla.

       Vanya’s Notebook- What do you see doing other than writing books in near future?
Vikrant-- Perhaps writing TV shows.
       Vanya’s Notebook- Thank You Vikrant for this beautiful interview, we wish you all the success for Love Lasts Forever.
Vikrant-- Thank you very much and keep reading good books J

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