Thursday, 7 August 2014

Love lasts forever by Vikrant Khanna: a review

A bestselling author of two novels, this being his third; the title itself gives a tangy feeling of a tale of marriage! Marriage? Well! The title says- ‘Love lasts forever…only if you don’t marry your love’, now does that give you a hint of anything? Vikrant Khanna, in his third novel pens down something different, something interesting as he welcomes you all to the world of Love!

On the back cover- So you think your love can last forever…? Get married! Eighteen-year old Ronit falls madly in love with Aisha the moment he meets her at his graduation day from a naval college. He believes he has found his perfect soul mate, and come what may; his love for her will last forever. Seven years later, he gets married to her. Big mistake! A week later, he completely hates her and believes she has turned into a devil. But his perception about love and life change when he hears the poignant love story of Shekhar, his captian, on a ship that later gets hijacked by the pirates of Somalia. As they are left fighting for their lives they confront if love truly can last forever…? But does it get too late?

Characters- Talking about the characters, couples Ronit-Aisha; Shekhar-Sikha, friends Joe Singh, Rajiv and Swati and a brother, pestering family and everything gave the book its flavor. The author has done his best in describing his characters and giving clear importance to all. Bringing and exiting them at much needed places giving the book its exact needed pace.

The atmosphere inside the book was quite nice. Turning from a grey sky and soothing winds, to a fiery hot sun and then the winter. The author has described all these moods in perfect way which made the book an interesting read for all the readers. The cover of the book, giving out a soothing green color teamed up with the title makes this book an attraction.

When the story starts, one’s interest gets piqued up and they get eager to know what is to happen next in the story. The chapter division was also perfect and the author has very efficiently named the chapters with the date and place. The travelling from past and present has been very smooth too.

But the only hitch with the book seemed to be the pace of the story. At places, though the fact that the story was interesting, it felt that the author has stretched a few things. Fiction was a tad too much (according to me) that some scenes seemed to be over exaggerated as compared to the reality.

The smooth transition, the story plot and the end surely keeps the reader interested though they feel slow at points. A few twists and a fast pace would’ve taken the book to a whole new level. As of now, I would rate the book 3.75 out of 5.

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