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Essence of Eternal Happiness: a review

Having this book in my hands, I did what I usually do when I have any book that is flip through the pages. Not really reading anything but looking out for something interesting. The quotations used at the beginning of all the pages, sketches in the beginning of a few caught my glance. Since poetry has always been my weakness, I started with this one…

Abhik Shome in The Perennial Abyss has very well described us what is the position of the world now. How life is nothing but a matter of papers.

Ashish Sharma in An Artist has made it a point of articulating ‘God’ in a beautiful way. Dale Carnegie’s opening quote suits the poem to the fullest.

A wonderful poem written by Awa Chigoze titled Where I want to be. One writer from abroad among the lot, I specifically liked the simple language he used to pen his feelings about what and where he wants to be.

A man, who through few words speaketh the world, Bernard D’sa has done his best through his poem Journey of Eternal Happiness. The beginning quote by Mahatma Gandhi uplifts the flavor of happiness. One of the best in the book.

Binduu Chopra through Bliss has proved to us how one can stand, fight and live through all the unhappiness in life and finally emerge victorious. A truly inspiring tale.

A world where everyone is everyone’s friend, where no one is a foe. The love will then give everyone a chance to go on and on. But the choice is ours. Through the Promise of the Messiah, Debashish Mishra has shown just that.

Till now, the first ‘love’ poem I read in this book. O Mate- Your love I breathe by Gaurav Sharma still catches the eyes. In a very easy to relate language, it is just what the words of heart mean.

As the poet has clearly mentioned in his poet bio, his poems are surely words in motion, depicting the pain and sufferings. He uses words, which stay in the heart for a long time. Rajat Kumar, through I am not me, is here to say.

Meena Nair’s Child Labour has been a genuine effort by the writer and that shows in her writing style. Filled with varied emotions, readers are bound to make the most of this poem. But somehow I felt a few errors were there, which couldn’t been improved.

Those blissful eyes by Mohd Faizan give us a lot about love. The description has been nicely etched. Opening lines by James Oppenheim mark their place in the poem. A few more lines would’ve made it perfect.

To be or not to be! by Monroe Gogoi truly accentuates the real meaning of captivity and freedom. What it means to be free or be in captive. It tells us that only we are the people who have the power of letting live or letting go. A motivating read.

After a wonderful weekend, we all curse the Monday. Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. Ain’t it? Payel Pasha through Monday Blues has described what Monday actually brings to us. The responsibility it takes on its shoulders. A nice read.

The first thing that caught my eye when I turned the page, was the poets bio. Then when I turned the page, the beginning of the poem and I started liking it from that very instant. Piyush Nagpal in Once eternity and I has written about what’s happening in the world, why and the answers; this poem is one wonderful read.

We all have imagined a fairy godmother for us. One who will be with us forever, for us. In this poem, Pranjal Pandey has beautifully described how it to have An eternal bliss from heaven is. Read it with a smile on your face and you will love it.

Another very motivating poem by Promilla Qazi named Freedom at last. It tells us that it is us who have the answers to everything and it is we who questions too. I really liked the presentation though a bit rhyming would’ve perfected it.

Radha Krishna, the definition about love by Rachna Seth has been all about love, about what Radha and Krishna means to the world and to each other. The devotion shows in the poem. But if compared to the other poems of the book; I felt a bit slow on this one. A few mistakes were also spotted. But overall, a nice read.

For any person, from the day they are born, the first and only person who is the closest to him/her is another. A mother being a weakness and the strength for every person. Sadanand Shenoy, in his poem Mother- my first love has experienced this feeling beautifully through his words.

The two sonnets written by Sadia Riaz Sehole titled To time and Fate have been written in a wonderful language. The language is such that catches a poem lovers’ eye at first glance. To admit it, the poems surely motivated me a lot and it will, to every reader.

A halcyon companion by Sagher is a beautiful exchange between a father and his son, where the father gives the son his piece of advice about surviving in the world. A very motivating read.

The Red Apple by Sangeeta Suneja has a ‘wonder touch’ in her writings. A wonderfully knitted well versed poem kept the feelings intact. The only hitch was that there were a few grammatical errors.

Essence of life by Sashu Gopidas, describes happiness in its purest form. The simple language used while describing happiness in a smile, the morning sun and the moon. And a very small but wonderful form of happiness is chosen here. A thought provoking poem.

Shital D’Rozario in When I saw you has written wonderfully about the love of one’s life. A wonderland of words is something I would like to term the poem. Though there were a few mistakes, but they are avoidable.

Me and You by Sonali Kalra has written about love; and the writing style has been wonderful. Though simple, it had an air of delicacy throughout. I believe; use of a bit articulated words would’ve made this more wonderful.

Wake up Seed by Shonali Dey is undoubtedly one of the best of the book. I personally loved the way it has been written and more so; the real meaning behind this poem. I loved the punch line – ‘Wake up Seed’. A job well done by the poetess.

A sword in today’s time is the pen. No one fights with swords, but the pen has become a medium now. My favorite pen by Armitunum is one very sweet poem. A smile plays on the lips when any reader reads this poem. A wonderful read.

Word of Soul by Dr. Tina Gulzar is surely the words of soul. If the world would’ve followed it would’ve been something really different. Very true words, simply written and presented have made it one of the best.

Sue Chamoun; another poet from abroad in this book, has written a very motivating poem titled Crossing Over. It shows which path to travel is our choice and what happens when we choose what we chose. A poem, which I had to read and re-read.

The end to this beauty of a book has been with My Journey written by Younis Mustafa Khan. The most beautiful part of this poem apart from the wonderful presentation was the line ‘My Journey to spirit of life had come’. I believe, this book couldn’t have had a better end.

To the compilers of the book, I applause cause this is also one of the finest Poetry books I have read so far. There is a faint wish coming from my heart that it could’ve been made into a book for students to read too. Inspiration, happiness and motivation are the base of the book and that makes this book stand out from the crowd. Giving it 4.25 out of 5, I would wish to read an error free version of this book soon.

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