Tuesday, 8 July 2014

India was one by an Indian: a review

Out of the blue, there has been one book which I read very recently; it is not a clichéd book, it is not a normal book. It is a tribute to the country, to the policemen, to everyone. The title of the book, India Was One and the name of the author An Indian, made me take this book to be a non-fiction but I was proven wrong.

The very first things that caught my eyes were the chapter divisions, the drawings at the beginning at the chapters and the thought! The thought, played a huge role in the book which, I believe, made this book a must read.

The beginning to the book, to many people may seem to be just another love story but as the book progresses, it resembles more of a love to the country we live in, the country which has given us everything. Another thing that I liked about the book was its writing style. The narrative was a plus point of the book.

Descriptions were pin-point in the book, which I personally liked. It was much needed and the personalized touch in every description made this book eye catching. Also eye catching was the love, friendship shown in the book where you end up going along with the protagonists. At some places, though, I felt that the situations or descriptions are exaggerated.

While coming to the end of the book, I liked the poem at the end of the book. It was simply wonderful to read. And of course, while closing the book; the writer has shown us one thing, India Is One. Saluting the author for his work, I would rate it 4.5 out of 5.

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