Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I am dead but my heart beats by Priyank: a review

The first thing that caught my eye at the first glimpse of the book was the tagline of the book-‘It’s not a love story…. It’s a revolution’. The wonderful paper quality, wonderful feel of the book raises a hell lot of expectations from the book.

On the back cover- How a love story once hated saved 6 lives in a COMMUNAL RIOT? Should community, language or tradition be the obstructions for true love from blossoming? How cruel can a married girl’s destiny be to throw her into prostitution? Have you ever attended an uninvited marriage reception with your beloved and got caught by the hosts? Why a boy decides to spend his entire life in a mental asylum? Why a girl at midnight runs away from her family? How worse it can be if you one caught by your girlfriend’s parent while kissing her? I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS is a fascinating saga of love, educations, community, hatred, sacrifices and hope. It’s about from youngsters from different communities speaking different languages- Aryan, Anshika, Zahid and Swati. Get ready for a heart breaking journey of a complete real life story.

The name I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS is a wonderful nail biting tale which questions the society and its forms. A rigorous attempt to show the world what It is and the cruel side of the society.
The love stories of Zahid, Swati, Aryan and Anshika leave the readers open mouthed at certain places.

The author has used certain poems in the whole book which adds to the fuel of the book. It’s wonderful how to story at a point has been linked to the COMMUNAL RIOTS.

The writer, in his debut fiction has made it a point to write his best in a very wisely chosen fast paced narrative. Though, individually the stories were inspiring, the readers would’ve liked it if the stories were linked a bit more.

Or maybe the two stories running parallel would’ve helped. The writer questioning the thoughts of the society has been very well added in the story. Ignoring the grammatical errors in the book and congratulating the author for his debut work, I would like to rate it 3.25 out of 5.

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